Is knowledge always suspended in an aqueous solution?

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Is knowledge always suspended in an aqueous solution?

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Is knowledge invariably found suspended in an aqueous solution?

If you got this problem to work out on a biology exam, what would be your solution?

If the solution excludes dry and gaseous materials, what arguments or subject matter materials could you bring up to alter the solution?

If knowledge is a function of solutions, which are, coincidentally, also solutions to problems, then couldn't knowledge be injected in liqueous forms into humans?

Would a human retain his or her humanity, or would he or she become a humaneous form of existence, if too much knowledge were injected into it? Would you call this new being a supperman (homo erectus consumicus foodus eveningus), or superman (homo erectus superiourious) , or souperman (homo erectus suppa), or super, man(homo erectus highus phyvus)?

Jokes aside, it is true that any form of reflection or perception of truth is imbedded in material that is mainly comprising water.

Therefore I declare water the most intelligent of all chemical compounds. Or rather, the chemical compound contributing the most to intelligence.

What are your thoughts on this? Should we declare a slot in a year to be "International Water Day" or "the week of the water", either to celebrate the human intellect?
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Is knowledge always suspended in an aqueous solution?

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