Is life absurd

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Re: Is life absurd

Post Number:#31  Postby Ranvier » March 20th, 2017, 4:19 pm

You definitely peaked my interest with "grand objective". What's the grand objective of science and philosophy? Or was it meant as science "is" an objective approach to our reality?
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Re: Is life absurd

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Re: Is life absurd

Post Number:#32  Postby Papus79 » March 20th, 2017, 4:51 pm

Sorry, I realize that could be confusing. I meant the aggregate of all possible objective/outward observations and finding - ie. objective vs. subjective, not a grand goal.
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Re: Is life absurd

Post Number:#33  Postby Dissimulation » March 23rd, 2017, 4:40 pm

The word Absurd has been employed by various influential thinkers in distinct ways. Regarding Camus I interpreted his proclamation that life is absurd, is used to articulate the individuals desire to express the self through actualization and for the actualization to be infallibly observable and recognized absolutely (recognized in its totality). I grasp Camus' idea more vividly when I state - My life is absurd or individual existence is absurd. Kierkegaard ( who terms 'absurd' in a unrelated way) in Fear & Trembling argues that the individual has no language therefore all expressions and relations are subject to interpretation - what is attempted to be communicated can not be perfectly received by the other. This recognition creates profound anxiety in that the individual seeks absolute recognition but as an individual is subject to miscommunication. Transversely this recognition reveals the individuals uniqueness and liberation. Camus comes to the conclusion that the individual is free as the individual (consciousness) but this freedom is expressed as contention with all that is outside of the individual.

Im not well versed on all of Camus work, Perhaps Camus presented 'Life is absurd' because of narrative format of his work. If life is absurd then individual existence is absurd, if what I stated above is true, then the notion of life is absurd in only recognizable by the individual ruminating or reflecting. My immediate thought is that the absurd presented in The Stranger creates a condition that may possibly allow the individual to recognize itself as an individual. If this holds true, then to engage another in dialogue with the question as stated is troublesome, because to affirm or negate would contradict the subjective relevance. In order to answer the question in a subjectively relevant way (For Camus it is necessary) outside of the individual presupposes that individuality is untruth , therefore the statement life is absurd becomes meaningless because the absurdity is dependent on the freedom ( subjectivity ) of the individual.

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