New member from Argentina

Please post all introductions in this forum. Tell us how you found the philosophy forums, what interests you about philosophy, and a little about you, such as your age, where you live, what you do for a living, etc.
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New member from Argentina

Post by Fcacciola » February 3rd, 2017, 3:11 pm

Hi people.

I'm a mid-aged computer programmer (for most of my life). I Studied Biochemistry for 5 years, but dropped when I realized I was not going to spend my life doing blood-tests and I was on the wrong University for serious scientific research :)

My interest usually lies in the intersection of philosophy, science, engineering and spiritualism.

And here is more thing I think I should share with you, since I'm completely biased in my opinions and views:

I've been raised up within the doctrines of a particular spiritualist church. In my youth, I used to think that this doctrine got it mostly right, totally unlike mainstream religions (in fact, the doctrine considers itself to be a sort of science and not a religion at all). As I grew older I realized that it actually is a religion and there is nothing scientific about it. So, though once I would even "teach" on our church, now I broke apart (and my children for instance know about it but as a personal belief system.. I would never take them to the church these days).

On the other hand, the *contents* of the belief system of that church has always been something that makes a lot of sense, perhaps for being less than 100 years old, and intentionally compatible with science. Yet, on the other hand, it still nothing but a belief system, which at most, might be taken as a provisional, extremely raw, starting point for real science.

However, I feel that the effective utility of the belief system as a provisional starting point for scientific research requires an epistemological exploration of this system, hence, my interest in epistemology.

My conversations here will all circle around that.


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Re: New member from Argentina

Post by Gertie » February 4th, 2017, 9:08 pm

Welcome Fcacciola:)

Sounds like you've had an interesting life (well except for all those blood tests!). Jump right in, looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

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