I'm Sick of Normal

Please post all introductions in this forum. Tell us how you found the philosophy forums, what interests you about philosophy, and a little about you, such as your age, where you live, what you do for a living, etc.
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I'm Sick of Normal

Post by LKATheApologist1 » March 31st, 2018, 5:33 am

Hello friends, thinkers, fellow daydreamers and professional worriers,

I'm going to be straight up with you guys, finding this forum is freaking awesome! The subject of this topic is a fact. I have grown absolutely sick and tired of having normal conversations, with normal people, about the normal things that are going on in their lives. I'm all for listening to how your day went, but at some point my brain craves some stimulation; a conversation where I can sink my metaphysical teeth into something intellectually juicy, and engage the depth of human rationality. I don't know if I'm just quibbling over nothing or if you guys share my feelings of contempt but, what I love more than anything is getting into a hot debate or cordial conversation where I leave feeling like I've just shared a beautiful experience with another human--a conversation in which we dove deep into the wonders of life, logic, faith, science, philosophy and ultimately our personal beliefs about the whole shabang. I truly hope that I can come here as a getaway from the monotony of everyday life and normal people, and get into some really strange conversations on topics ranging from quantum physics to artificial intelligence and consciousness.

I have a background and degrees in Psychology and Philosophy and my highest interests are in phenomenology, philosophy of mind, cognitive psychology, aaaand human behavior. I'm a firm believer in Jesus Christ, so obviously conversations about God, theology, and metaphysics don't scare me. In fact I WELCOME ALL CHALLENGERS!!! PLEEAAAASE push me to the very brink of human logic and argumentation so I can sharpen my skills and be able to better defend my faith/belief system. Point out the holes in my arguments. I'd love that honestly.

Thanks for sharing this time with me. I'm looking forward to having riveting, thought provoking, and brutally open conversations with every single one of you. The beginning of discovery starts with sharing, so I hope you all will share your personal stories and interests with me as well.

All the best homies.


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Re: I'm Sick of Normal

Post by Fooloso4 » March 31st, 2018, 11:26 am

Is there an apologetics of apologetics, that is, a defense of the felt need to defend your faith?

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Re: I'm Sick of Normal

Post by Greta » March 31st, 2018, 7:10 pm

The whole a/theist debate is becoming rather dull and repetitive, running through the same ineffectual loops.

What would be more interesting is for other theists to challenge your version of the faith. We already know the atheist view and it hardly need reiteration - that the events claimed in ancient Middle Eastern mythology are as fantastical and unlikely as the claims of mythologies of other places and times.

In the battle between rival faiths in this play of metaphysical survival of the fittest why would the Middle Eastern Jewish version be considered superior to other mythologies? Aside from the Islamic golden age around a thousand years ago, it's not as though Middle Easterners have proven themselves to be the most reliable observers and reporters of things. Perhaps the Chinese, Indian or Japanese descriptions of reality might be more reliable? Or perhaps the modern perspective, with the benefit of so much more experience and exploration, is the most reliable?

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