Circumcision. Seeking opinions based on personal experiences

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Re: Circumcision. Seeking opinions based on personal experiences

Post by A_Seagull » April 16th, 2018, 12:17 am

Or to put it another way.......:

Circumcision, whether male or female, instigated by the parents and without the child's informed consent is symptomatic of parental selfishness and bullying. It has no place in a civilised society.
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Re: Circumcision. Seeking opinions based on personal experiences

Post by LuckyR » April 16th, 2018, 3:31 am

Eduk wrote:
April 15th, 2018, 3:40 am
Seagull I may be wrong. But I think the point lucky was making is that if a child broke their arm, for example, who would have the right to consent for them to receive medical care.
Again I might be wrong about the point lucky was making, but why do you think lucky would make that point?
There have been many facets to this topic in the lifetime of this very mature thread. Yes, I did allude to the misunderstanding of the concept of informed consent as it pertains to minors. I did broaden the scope of the discourse to include all medical procedures, since if viewed that way (which a large majority do), then complaints about the idea of circs using the informed consent argument, disappear. However, that idea can be successfully countered by seagulls opinion that circs are barbaric. Though that would apply only to a small subset of those who choose not to make circumcision available to their sons.
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Re: Circumcision. Seeking opinions based on personal experiences

Post by Belindi » April 16th, 2018, 6:43 am

KathyD wrote:
Until of legal age, parents are morally and even legally responsible for the welfare and actions of their children,

Yes, but not totally. If parents are abusive as many are then the professionals can take over the care of the child in question. It's true that children in the care of professionals, orphans and do on, have been horribly abused. This is why no authority whether parent, teacher, medic or social worker is above the law.
so obviously they should have the right to make basic decisions concerning their welfare.
They do have that right and duty. But parents are often unaware and uneducated about how to feed, clothe, educate, feel and show affection. There are parents for instance who feed their kids until they are grossly fat. There are parents whose religious beliefs are a lot more outrageous than those of the Circumcisers persuasions.

And it is also obviously a very personal decision which nobody has the right to judge anyone else for. And suggesting children should have the right to sue their parents over something like this is ludicrous. The truth is that you do not have the right to judge me or anyone else over such a personal decision. Who are you to judge?
Your son, KathyD, is his own person from his birth to his death. The parent should not arrogantly presume that he the parent knows best until and unless the parent has studied the best authorities on body modification, morality, diet, food buying and preparation, vaccinations, and as far as is reasonable medical interventions. The present fashion for circumcision is due to public ignorance.

If by "you" you refer to people who post to this little website then our moral right to judge is based upon your initial post to this very website, plus that we tend to be responsible people of goodwill. We try less to "judge" ; more to evaluate. The value of circumcision is almost nil. Would you like a list of the reasons not to circumcise?

Is you little son reading this website? I'd like to repeat Lucky's advice not to worry and that he not give the matter another thought.

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