What is the most important type of intelligence?

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What is the most important type of intelligence?

Post by Weight » September 7th, 2018, 3:04 pm

There are many different types of intelligence's that a person can posses. Fluid intelligence is the ability to think through a problem that one has never been introduced to before. Crystallized intelligence is the type of intelligence that one gains from experience and learning. There are different models of intelligence that say successful or practical intelligence (the smarts to get ahead) is the best type of intelligence while others say that interpersonal (The ability to understand other peoples motives, thoughts and desires) or intrapersonal (Ability to be aware of ones own thoughts, motives, feelings) are more important.
What is the most important type of intelligence a person can posses? I think it is a mixture between the two intelligence's (Successful and intrapersonal) because then you would have control of your own inflictive emotions and would generally be more of a happy person, as well as being able to achieve more balance in your life and get ahead in what you do in your life (philosophy, work,studying or whatever).
Being able to find peace of mind and happiness for yourself and people you know is one of the most important things to do in life. The most important type of intelligence's are the ones that help achieve that in my mind.

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Re: What is the most important type of intelligence?

Post by ThomasHobbes » September 7th, 2018, 5:08 pm

When the **** hits the fan, there is nothing more important than practical intelligence.
Without that you are dead.

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Re: What is the most important type of intelligence?

Post by Hereandnow » September 14th, 2018, 9:06 pm

You could approach it like this: the most "important" (a loaded term) type of intelligence is that which is inclined toward inquiry. It stands in distinction to dogma. Now, dogma is certainly not therefore the worst kind, it is just at odds with what will contradict it, and is fundamentally important, for without dogma, there is no inquiry, but this is ahead of the game.
Inquiry opens doors to possibilities, for one thing. One could not have knowledge in the first place unless inquiry had been brought to bear upon presumptions of knowledge, prior to it inception. to know means having inquired, and inquiry is inherently destructive, which is required in order to bring new possibilities to light. For another, inquiry has no limits. it is quite an amazing phenomenon, for once it starts, it never ends by its own nature, but keeps going into any proposition that would make a claim to knowledge, and such claims are always forthcoming. Paradigms, Thomas Kuhn called them. Beliefs is another word, short of knowledge. Then knowledge, more secure but provisional. Third, inquiry shows us our own nature, for since every knowledge claim is subject to inquiry, and it is knowedge claims that are, as with all things, at the basis for understanding what we are, what I am, then, it follows that there is no finality to the quest for the identity of the self. This makes for the most interesting thing a person can do: shut up and let the world speak. To do this, we must give up the pretense to knowing.

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Re: What is the most important type of intelligence?

Post by Burning ghost » September 15th, 2018, 12:49 am

The OP is fault here in misunderstanding the terminology.

It is not a question of “fluid intelligence” or “crystalized intelligence”. They are both aspects of the g factor (general intelligence.) As an analogy we could perhaps say that “crystalized intelligence” is basically what a computer is.

Basically when it comes to psychometrics (from what I understand) there are reasonably well defined aspects including General Intelligence (IQ is one measurement and the most reliable and studied of all) and the Big Five personality aspects. The empirical data for anything else is either too flimsy or absent - and even the above mentioned measures are far from infallable.
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Re: What is the most important type of intelligence?

Post by LuckyR » September 15th, 2018, 2:00 am

Certain intellectual skills help in the avoidance of large negatives whereas others assist in furthering the acquisition of positives. Personally, the latter helped more in my youth, but the former ended up more valuable in the long run.
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