History of Philosophy

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The History of Philosophy - Origins

The history of philosophy goes back about as long as the history of man. For as long homo sapiens (i.e. "wise man") has stood on the planet, we have wondered about philosophical dilemmas. We asked ourselves, why are we here? What is the meaning of life? What happens when we die? Are there any gods, and what is morally righteous?

Concerning the technical history of philosophy, the oldest schools of philosophy began in India and Hinduism. In fact, Indian philosophy predates Greek philosophy by a half-millennium.

History of Philosophy - Coming Together

Before the time of telecommunications, mankind existed in several separate civilizations. As a result, each had its own general philosophies. Most notably, the following all have their own origins in the history of philosophy: African philosophy, Buddhist philosophy, Chinese philosophy, Persian philosophy, Indian philosophy, Eastern philosophy, and Western philosophy. Additionally, Abrahamic philosophy emerged from ancient Semitic tradition and is religiously the origins of Jewish, Christian, and Islamic philosophy.

Ethnocentrism in the History of Philosophy

Like most bodies of knowledge and other beliefs, most societies give precedence to their own philosophy. Similarly, most societies, cultures, and peoples like to give credit to their society as the one in which philosophy started. As a result, European imperialism manipulated the common teachings of history to overemphasize the history of philosophy that involves Europeans, namely Greek philosophers. This has the greatest effect in western countries, and any countries under the rule of western Europeans countries or the United States.

Different From Philosophy of History

Please understand the difference between history of philosophy and philosophy of history. In this article we have been talking about the history of philosophy, which is the origins of philosophy as a field of study. In contrast, the philosophy of history is the philosophical study of historical events of all types.

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