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Online Philosophy Club is a philosophy website for everyone, from high school students to philosophy professors, from powerful CEOs to poor gadflies, from wealthy millionaires to homeless people named Diogenes. We are a very diverse crowd of people who share a love for philosophy. Diverse views are very welcome.

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Here at Online Philosophy Club, we not only want to have the best philosophy website on the internet, but we also want to have the best philosophy website that we possibly can. To do that, we need your help. Please tell us how we can improve. Please tell us what you want to see on this website or any features or information you want added. Post your suggestions in the feedback section of our Philosophy Forums.

Philosophy Defined

Philosophy consists of the contemplative investigation of the most fundamental aspects of existence, life, knowledge, and value. Philosophy concerns itself with how to live one's life (ethics), what one knows, can know, and how one knows it (epistemology), and what can be said to exist (metaphysics).

The word philosophy comes from the Greek word philos, meaning love/affinity/friendship, and the Greek word sophia, meaning wisdom. So a philosopher is literally a lover of wisdom.


Defining philosophy is controversial in part because it is also its own subject, called meta-philosophy. Accordingly, there is a range of ways to define philosophy. For instance, one definition depicts philosophy as a form of intellectual inquiry using critical analysis and reasoning, in addition to dialogue or introspection, to find solutions for seemingly intractable problems. Another definition says that philosophy studies the process of examination itself. A third definition claims that philosophy includes the best practices in every intellectual field.

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