Is Energy is the Basis for Man?

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Is Energy is the Basis for Man?

Post by Being_1925 » November 10th, 2018, 8:27 pm

Schopenhauer knew the existence of an almighty God is impossible.

Human thinking can neither create a body nor a god, but human thinking can insist that there is a god and kill everyone that does not agree with it. Both Moses and Muhammad were able to do that. That killing was kept up for a long time and Isis is wanting to still do that. Even Jesus was sentenced to die for blasphemy of God, Matth. 26-65

That the people who lived thousands of years ago needed a god, was because they saw no other way for the existence of man. But there is another way and that is in the energy. Energy is the basis for man. Energy was able to create the atom, an Atom that is different for each element with his own number of valences for the combining with other Atoms to create the molecules. Molecules have the chance to grow bigger and into viruses and grow into cells. To grow into a many celled organism, an idea was needed for a body, here was the chance for all the animals and for man, for animals it was mostly a specialization on a food. Only the Energy which one himself represents knows that one exists and not any other energy. As each species has the ability to multiply, it becomes a question how they get along even for human beings and it is a long story how people got along with each other over time.

So is energy the basis for man?

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