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Being Woke In an Intellectual Circle

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Being Woke In an Intellectual Circle

Post by Intellectual_Savnot » December 1st, 2018, 2:17 am

Hello! I am Elijah Michael Karicas of the (grand) Council!
I feel really woke looking through these forums as a new member, I feel I have found something much long wanted in my academic interactive career. I realized that as I said this aloud (or in my head I can't recall) I was reintroduced to an old topic of mine, what is "woke"? To give some context, The Council started as a meme group in 2017, which evolved, as my personal life evolved, into a highly intellectual circle with the self assigned destiny of the progression and interaction of ourselves, the people of our nations, and all else in science and such. I am a sophomore in high school, so my group has not truly progressed far yet, but I myself have spent long hours reflecting upon existence and happenings and most importantly (I think), the morals of myself, and the codes of the intellectual. ... sp=sharing
That is the original Michael's Codes of Intellectuality, not my contemporary version, which also requires much revision. I could go on about the Council, but this is jut context as to what I do on the side. There is not technically a hierarchy to the Council, but I am an intellectual leader within it and one of the co-founders. Because of this I find I MUST be correct in all my actions since they are taken as correct with no thought given by my peers, much to my dismay. I will never give up on the goals I have set for myself, and I constantly strive to find the most correct and, yes, WOKE options available, as well as the laws for the council that keep it fully pure and unrestrained by my personal preference and morals. As such, I am really wondering, WHAT IS WOKENESS? I know I am an intellectual. It is one of those things I can claim to say without having to think about it first. I need no proof but my intentions. But am I woke? Since my codes affect the actions of quite a few like minded intellectuals, and more importantly, non like-minded intellectuals, shouldn't I be fully woke? Is it safe as an intellectual leader to create a code or make a decision that is potentially incorrect and uninformed, with minimal wokeness and possibilities of being untrue to my own undecided beliefs? Whatever, I will stop ranting, and if this is unnecessarily long a post, know I just joined and haven't mastered eloquence quite as of yet.
Stay woke , intellectuals! Merry Christmas and happy Studies!

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Re: Being Woke In an Intellectual Circle

Post by MAYA EL » May 2nd, 2019, 11:44 pm

Wisdom is applied knowledge because when you experience something you come to KNOW it and it retains the highest level understanding in your consciousness.

However if you're still in high school how much knowledge have you applied?.
Anybody can be trained to speak in front of others or to have a robust vocabulary in general but unfortunately these have nothing to do with the awakened state.

An awakened individual has gained what some call access to the "akashic records" or the "god-mind" but regardless of what you call it these individuals do not have to ask the question because the very Act of asking the question shows the desire for knowledge but coupled with the inability to know .

There is no limit to Awakening is a continual process but there is a point where you stop wondering because you have reached a state of mental maturity to where you can answer those Curiosities of the heart without looking externally for the answer. End some Eastern cultures they call this Oneness or becoming still. My personal opinion is that nobody should lead others on a path to Awakening because no one is a master.

A master somebody that has completed something two words second nature and knows every aspect of it and when it comes to life this would mean somebody would have to live a full life die and then come back and no one has done so as far as I know .
Furthermore it violates one of the fundamentals of existence and that is that you have a singular mind meaning you only are aware of you right now and this is because your experience is yours to experience that is why we are all individuals so when one person teaches another they are merely imprinting their version of experience into another's mind robbing them of the experience themselves they're for defeating the entire purpose of individuals simultaneously existing.

Furthermore there will always be struggles in Awakening and level up on level of understanding to constantly be gained and this will never stop as long as you live so if you are expecting a present to show up in the mail with a King Solomon ring in it that you put on and Bada Boom Bada Bing then I hate to break it to you but that won't happen.

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