On platonic semiotic mind theory. The signs in your head.

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On platonic semiotic mind theory. The signs in your head.

Post by Gottfried leibniz » July 9th, 2016, 10:24 am

On platonic semiotic mind theory. The signs in your head.

Platonic mind theory is a theory of mind based on quantum theory in which mental phenomena are displayed
as quantum eigenstates in Plato's timeless, placeless Universal Mind (the One), which includes, among other entities, all personal minds,
since quantum superposition is never a problem, even for an infinity of minds.

Since the quantum monad of individual experience is in timeless spaceless platonic Mind, we can use the (rapidly changing)
time independent Schrodinger wave equation for the experience of perception, at least on the simplest level of basic awareness:

(-h2/m)*(d2 psi(x)/d2x ) + U(x)*psi(x) = E*psi(x) (1)

c) This in turn is a harmonic oscillator with a spectrum of rapidly changing eigenvalues

En = (n +1/2)*hf (2)

These eigenstates/eigenvalues can also be considered as signs in the sense of Peirce or Saussure, so that psychology becomes semiosis
becomes literary theory.

These signs are rapidly displayed in Plato's mind under cybernetic control by the One, and perceived frame by frame as a
continuous "movie" by the brain, and everyday experience. At least until the individual mind recedes into the universal Mind
(the One)at death.

I suggest that psychologists and neuroscientists start studying quantum mechanics and semiotics as well as
Plato, Plotinus, Leibniz and Kant. Even Emerson should prove fruitful. And of course Lacan, Barthes and Foucault.

-Ever since Hume, science has imprisoned us in the dark cave of materialism and empiricism and needs to restore us to the
quantum sunlight of plato (plotinus) -- see my website

You can find me through google with a
search topic such as

clough platonic theory of mind site:aitch_tee_tee_ps://independent.academia_dot_edu/RogerClough

Alan Masterman
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Re: On platonic semiotic mind theory. The signs in your head

Post by Alan Masterman » April 24th, 2017, 7:21 am

I think the mistake in your reasoning is that you have confused

(-h2/m)*(d2 psi(x)/d2x ) + U(x)*psi(x) = E*psi(x) (1)


(-h2/m)*(d2 psi(x)/d-2x ) + U(x)*psi(x) = E*psi(x) (1)

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