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The manipulation of energy and matter using brain power

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Re: The manipulation of energy and matter using brain power

Post by Gnosticwarrior91 » February 23rd, 2017, 1:35 pm

The Dream Key

Dreams entirely vindicate Berkeley. In dreams, we construct a “material” world that we know for a fact isn’t real. We “sense” this world not using our “physical” sense organs but internal simulations of our senses. If we can perceive a dreamworld to be real even though it isn’t, how do we know that the “real” material world is actually real? In scientific terms, what is the difference between dream “matter” and actual matter?

In The Matrix, humanity is fed a computer simulation of reality and finds it every bit as convincing as the real thing. In other words, humans find the idea of the thing as real as the thing itself. In which case, why refer to the thing at all? Who needs it? All we need is the idea.

In The Matrix, the Architect replaces Berkeley’s God and becomes the source of the “objective reality” experienced by humanity, and objective reality comprises a set of ordered dream ideas pumped into us.

In The Matrix, the world is an idea, our bodies are ideas, the air we breathe is an idea, gravity is an idea, all physical laws are ideas, food is an idea, bullets are ideas, death is an idea. Neo, by seeing through the illusion, becomes God. Ontological mathematics offers exactly the same possibility. You can become God by understanding that “reality” is an idea and that it can be manipulated, changed and overcome by the counter-ideas conjured by the most powerful minds.
Mathematics is how you change reality because mathematics is reality. When people say that mathematics is useless or irrelevant to their lives it means that they have chosen to accept the Matrix, and they will never be a Neo mastering and controlling the Matrix. You must understand that reality is an illusion before you can change the illusion. If you accept the illusion, you can’t change it. You simply live it, and endure it.
In your dreams, you breathe imaginary air, you eat imaginary food, you sit down on imaginary seats, you have conversations with imaginary people, and you even have sex with imaginary lovers (but might actually ejaculate!). If you can do all of that in your dreams, what makes you imagine that “reality” is so different?

Cypher [The Matrix]: “You know, I know this steak doesn’t exist. I know that when I put it in my mouth, the Matrix is telling my brain that it is juicy and delicious. After nine years, you know what I realize? [Takes a bite of steak] ... Ignorance is bliss.”“

Take [Locke’s] doctrine as to primary and secondary qualities. The primary qualities are defined as those that are inseparable from body, and are enumerated as solidity, extension, figure, motion or rest, and number. The secondary qualities are the rest: colours, sounds, smell, etc. The primary qualities, he maintains, are actually in bodies; the secondary qualities, on the contrary, are only in the percipient. Without the eye, there would be no colours; without the ear, no sounds, and so on. ... But Berkeley pointed out that the same arguments apply to primary qualities. Ever since Berkeley, Locke’s dualism on this point has been philosophically out of date. Nevertheless, it dominated practical physics until the rise of quantum theory in our own day. ... The theory that the physical world consists only of matter in motion was the basis of the accepted theories of sound, heat, light, and electricity. Pragmatically, the theory was useful, however mistaken it may have been theoretically. This is typical of Locke’s doctrines" - Bertrand Russel.

The Pregnancy Miracle
A pregnant mother eats and drinks, and eventually a baby pops out, made from what she ate and drank. How can digested food and drink produce a human being? Well, it’s incomprehensible if food and drink are made of some mysterious thing called “matter”, some machinelike substance devoid of mind and life. However, it makes perfect sense if food and drink are ideas, are mental stuff, and are being organised by a biological information system (DNA), which is itself just a complex idea, a mathematical function. Everything is about mathematical functions. There’s nothing else. We live in a sensory Matrix that we imagine is something other than math. If we could transcend our senses, we would discover nothing but noumenal mathematics. What was the Big Bang? It was an immaterial event that occurred outside space and time. In other words, it was a purely noumenal mathematical event that had no sensory components whatsoever. It was reality in itself, prior to any observers or observations. That reality wasn’t sensory, it wasn’t emotional, it wasn’t love, it wasn’t consciousness, it wasn’t “God”, it wasn’t scientific, it wasn’t random – it was pure mathematics.

We can show you that reality. We can explain it to you. What we certainly can’t do is make you understand it. For that, you have to be smart. If you’re not ... too bad. The Truth isn’t for everyone. It’s not a universal right. It’s a right of intelligence. The more intelligent you are, the more you get to feast on the Truth. You don’t get anywhere near the Truth by kneeling and praying, or by meditating under a tree.

The Spoon
"There is no spoon." ... One of the most common catchphrases that has entered the lexicon as a result of The Matrix. There is no spoon – the spoon exists only in the Matrix, which really means it doesn’t exist as a physical object. This is an important lesson for Neo, to help him realize that manipulating the Matrix isn’t about focusing on an object and trying to change it. The object doesn’t exist, so he can’t change it, he has to change himself. Metaphorically, it’s all in his head – he has to look inside to exact any control, to bring about even the smallest change.” –When the kid in The Matrix said, “There is no spoon”, he could equally have said that there is no body, no air, no food, no drink, and, indeed no people (!).

In The Matrix, bodies are effectively virtual avatars or drones being remotely controlled by sleeping, dreaming humans in pods external to the world that they believe they inhabit. How can anyone know that we ourselves are not in a Matrix? Yet, even if we were, there could not be an infinite regress of Matrices, of Matrices within Matrices. At some point, something has to be able to explain the proto-Matrix, the First Matrix, and the only thing that can is eternal mathematics. If you reject science’s ludicrous claim that chaos (randomness) can be the ground of order, any contingent thing must be explained by a necessary thing, any temporal thing must be explained by an eternal thing, any synthetic thing must be explained by an analytic thing. Everything must be explained by ontological mathematics.

The universe is a phenomenal hologram arising from a noumenal mathematical Singularity made of pure analytic waves organised into individual monads (souls). We take the hologram for reality when, in fact, it’s the Singularity that is reality. We take the Content for reality when, in fact, it’s the Form.

The Blindness
What blinds humanity to the reality of mathematics, to the ontology of mathematics? It’s our senses. They are how we conceal true reality from ourselves, yet, of course, we believe that they are in fact what reveal true reality to us. Actually, what the senses do is add the layer of Content to noumena (Forms) that turns them into phenomena, that makes them appearances rather than things in themselves, that makes them representations rather than presentations. It’s by the act of seeing that we don’t see! We see what our eyes construct, not what’s actually there.

The sensory world seems anything other than mathematical, yet if you look at any part of it, from snowflakes to water drops to sunflowers to bee hives to nautilus shells, you will discover nothing but mathematical patterns, order and organisation.

When a woman is impregnated, she eats and drinks, and, nine months later, a baby pops out – a living being. How can food and drink be converted into life itself? It is of course impossible. So, what’s really happening? A woman is impregnated by an idea (a DNA idea); an immortal monadic soul links to this DNA idea and the DNA is ipso facto now alive. The mother eats and drinks ideas in order to turn the genotype (form; idea) into the phenotype (content; matter; material idea), and, nine months later, the baby emerges. Life is mind, and mind deals only with ideas. Everything is an idea, including “matter”. Food is an idea, drink is an idea, air to breathe is an idea, sex is an idea, conception is an idea. The trick is that ideas are interactive. They interact according to mathematical laws (dictated by the God Equation). There is nothing but minds, the ideas thought by minds, and the interactions of these thoughts. The whole system is defined and unified by the God Equation.

We see in our dreams even though our eyes are closed, we are in a dark room, and no light is available. Would any scientific materialist like to explain that? How can a fantasy of seeing the world resemble actually seeing the world? In mathematical terms, there’s no difficulty at all. The dream mind simply needs to simulate and emulate the mathematical functions produced in the waking mind when a person uses his physical eyes. That is, once the waking mathematical function has been established, it’s easy for the dream mathematical function to copy it. It’s the content of the mathematical function that we experience as “seeing”. If we can generate this independently of our eyes – as we do in dreams, and in near-death and out-of-body experiences – we don’t need our eyes to see. We don’t need any sensory organs at all to detect sensory information. We can live as pure minds without bodies, without physical organs. We can be gods.

The sound of a bell in a dream isn’t “physical”, yet it’s every bit as real experientially, proving that it’s the idea of sound that is the key rather than the “sound” itself (as something “physical”). How can any physicalist explain the fact that we have identical sensory experiences in our dreams as in our waking states even though the physical sources have been removed in our dreams? Above all, how is it possible to see without eyes and light, as we do routinely in our dreams? Why do we dream at all? When we switch off our sensory organs, why don’t we simply enter a sensory-deprivation state, surely what physicalism would predict? No materialist has ever explained how and why we dream, and how a dream is even possible if we live in a physical world that relies on physical events and physical sensory organs. The truth, of course, is that there is no physical world, only a mathematical world. The waking world is a collective dream generated by the Monadic Collective and obeying mathematical laws; the dreaming world is an individual dream that simulates the collective dream.

The problem is how to build subjectivity into objective equations, how to put Content into equations based on Form. Form and Content are two sides of a single coin, but are equally important in terms of causing our behaviour. How do we reflect both sides of the coin (primary and secondary properties) in a single equation? How do we put Content into equations based on Form?

The greatest genius the human race will ever produce is the person who will crack this problem. The trouble is that it may not be soluble. It may be the case that we will always have to view reality in two ways: as a machine world of Form and measurement (the “scientific” world), and a living organism of Content and qualia (the “human” world); as a Quantitative World and a Qualitative World, not as a single world of quantia and qualia.

Darwinism conceives of reality in quantitative, materialist terms. Quantitative atoms randomly shuffle into new configurations, which succeed or fail in the environment (they are “naturally selected”). There is no reference to mind, to purpose, to qualia, to meaning, to teleology, to Content. In Illuminism, evolution is driven by internal Form and Content (subjective agency), and reflects all of the features that Darwinism rejects. It’s a meaningful, teleological, directed process, not a meaningless, purposeless process happening randomly. Meaning can be invested in life only if the Qualitative World is acknowledged, and this is precisely what scientific materialism denies. Science posits a Quantitative World only. If it can’t be measured, science says, it either doesn’t exist, or is an irrelevant epiphenomenon with no causal efficacy. Scientific materialism is an ideology that refuses to accept the autonomous reality and power of subjective experience. There is nothing more important than writing down exactly how mind can control matter. How mind can master atoms and molecules. Of course, mind already does master matter to an extent – via our own bodies. However, this mastery is subconscious, instinctive and intuitive. This capacity has naturally evolved over countless centuries and has involved endless dialectical trial and error. The trick is to control external matter in the same way as our own bodies: we think it and it happens. This is how we become Gods. Of course, a small number of human beings can already control matter in this way (e.g. telekinesis). They do so intuitively, but they can’t do it systematically, at will. It takes tremendous mental preparation and can only be done for a short time. The task is to make this routine, and it will become so once mind can be routinely included in equations dealing with “material” atoms.

Illuminism is much more about the soul than about God. In Illuminism, there is no Creator. Souls can dialectically perfect themselves and become God. “God” in Illuminism is best approximated by the deistic laws of ontological mathematics. The closest thing that Illuminism has to a theistic God is Abraxas. Abraxas is defined as the first soul to attain divinity, and he proceeds to help other enlightened, advanced souls to become Gods too. The Community of Gods keeps expanding until, at the end of Time, it includes all souls – even that of the Devil. A Cosmic Age ends when Satan (the Abrahamic “God”) sees the light and understands that hitherto he was an utterly False God (a deluded, evil Demiurge, Lord of “Matter” and Darkness rather than Mind and Light).

For Hegel, in The Phenomenology of Mind, the term “phenomenology of mind” meant the study of the way in which the mind appears to us, but since we are using our own minds for this study, we are in fact studying how mind appears to mind! Via this method, we progress from the lowest form of knowledge to the highest (Absolute Knowledge), through successive, necessary, dialectical stages. At the end, mind knows itself as mind, and thus knows everything since there is nothing other than mind. All of the illusions – especially that of matter – are banished. The world beyond phenomena is absolute rational thought = ontological mathematics. Absolute thought cannot be sensed in any way. Metaphysics (ontological mathematics) is the foundation of physics and also of psychology. The “new science” will be one where physics and psychology are unified, as Jung and Pauli dreamt of. Ontological mathematics will be its basis.

The Word
"The world is MADE up of LANGUAGE. We can SAY that the world is composed of little demons doing calisthenics, each one the size of a pissant’s eyebrow. ... Or we can SAY the world is made of tiny wave mechanical packets of matter hurling through space at near the speed of light. ... But notice that what we get each time are WORDS...." -- Terence MCkenna

McKenna: "The world is made of words."
Reality IS Language. "The syntactical nature of reality, the real secret of magic, is that the world is made of words. And if you know the words that the world is made of, you can make of it whatever you wish." -Terence McKenna

Words are, of course, ideas, so to say that the world is made of words is to say that it’s made of ideas (and the minds which perceive the ideas, or construct and write or pronounce the ideas), which is exactly Bishop Berkeley’s philosophy.

Imagine if you could link your words directly to objective mathematical reality. Imagine you could say, “I say that I am on the other side of the wall,” and you are thereby teleported to the location you want on the far said of the brick wall, without having to knock it down or open a door through it.

Remember, in holographic mathematical reality based on a Singularity, there is no physical spacetime or solid matter at all. Everything is located in a single point and is fundamentally interconnected. A sufficiently powerful mathematical mind can, like Neo in The Matrix, do whatever it likes and defy every physical law of spacetime. You can fly, walk through walls, summon incredible power, move at unbelievable speeds, see everything in the world – all if you have a sufficient intuitive grasp and control of mathematics.

If you can link objective mathematics to your subjective words and ideas, you can literally do whatever thou wilt. You make it happen just by thinking about, just by having the idea of it, just by commanding it.

"God" was said to have created the world simply by saying, “Let there be light.” God is conceived as a being who need merely will something for it to actually happen. Ontological, holographic, Fourier mathematics can make such a thing a reality. Every time we want our body to do something, we simply will it. We have the idea of what we want to do, and our body then carries out the required action. Now, imagine the same process applied not just to our own physical body, but also to every physical object in the universe.

A “God” is able to exercise his will in relation to all physical objects rather than just his own physical body. His “Mind-at-Large” goes beyond his own physicality, and embraces all physicality. The domain of his individual will extends to the whole universe rather than just his own body. Our “will” is actually just a disguised version of mathematics. When we mentally will something, it’s mathematics that allows our idea to be translated into a physical action in spacetime. In other words, we are using an ostensibly non-mathematical thing – our will – to perform unbelievably complex mathematics, sufficient to make a body move in the desired way. We don’t have to do enormous mathematical calculations, or borrow a supercomputer, or anything like that. Reality has allowed our will (Content) to be the flipside of mathematical Form. Just by willing something, the relevant mathematics is automatically performed.
A sportsman who catches a ball, or kicks a ball, or bats a ball, is merely willing himself to do it. He never at any times performs mind-bogglingly daunting dynamic mathematical calculations on the fly, involving all manner of complex forces and variables. Of course, not all sportspeople are equally good. Mistakes get made. Things get miscalculated. The better you are at sport, the more intuitively and accurately mathematical you are. Your sporting will has become an unbelievably finely honed mathematical instrument that does calculations in a trice, without you having to think about it, that would take the greatest mathematicians and scientists years to work out (and they would probably get it wrong!).

Controlling physical reality is not about conscious mathematics, but about unconscious, intuitive mathematics, which is linked directly to your will, your own ideas, your own commands. Of course, the more you consciously understand the actual mathematics underlying what your will accomplishes, the better and more effective you can make your mind at extending its range beyond your own body. The more you understand physical reality, the more powerful your mind is capable of becoming, and the better able to control physical reality. Remember, ideas, words, will, desires, feelings, and so on, are all just mathematical Content, associated with mathematical Form (the other side of the coin). By using non-mathematical Content – words, for example – we are actually harnessing objective mathematical functions (Forms) that literally cause changes in the physical world. Human will gives us power over the human body. Divine will gives us power over the universal body – the entire cosmos. In an almost literal way, reality is indeed made of Will, as Schopenhauer said.

(with Will or Will to Power simply being the Content side of mathematics). Reality is almost literally made of ideas, of words, language, desires, feelings, concepts. All of these can be used to perform real mathematics on the real mathematical world, yet without consciously using mathematics at all (!). Consider music. All music is math, yet no musician actually uses math to compose music. They use a disguised version of math (musical notation) to write a musical score (= mathematical score). In other words, they write math without using math itself. The same is true of all other languages. They are ways of doing math without using math. Which is exactly why we delude ourselves that we do not inhabit a mathematical universe. The Great Work is to extend the range of our will from our own body to everything in the physical universe. If we can use our mind to master the atoms in our own body, we can surely use it to master any atoms at all!!!
And the great thing is that we don’t have to use mathematics directly, but merely intuitively. We could approach the task musically if we wanted, and control reality via the divine Music of the Spheres! Even science uses words rather than numbers and mathematical symbols to Mythosise the world, to turn it into a place of the Word rather than the Number. What are “electrons”, “protons”, “neutrons”, “quarks”, and so on, if not just ways to convert numerical matrices into words? When people think of atoms, they are thinking of words rather than the mathematical functions that electrons and all the rest of the subatomic particles actually constitute. When we decode the Word, we get numbers. Numbers lie at the root of everything. Numbers are the true Source.

Moving Your Arm
One of the most mysterious things you can possibly conceive is willing your arm to move ... and it does! Is that not magic? How does this process work? It’s all about math. When you “will” something, it means that you intuitively construct a mathematical function whose task is to make your body (also a mathematical function) perform what you have chosen it to do. Our “will” is a generator of mathematical functions that can apply in both the mental and material worlds. Normally, we can only control the matter of our own bodies, but what if we could control all matter with our will, and, like Moses, part the Red Sea?! Our thoughts are made of math, and, by exactly the same token, can themselves make new mathematical functions (by generating new thoughts). A thought (Content) is the flip side of a mathematical function (Form). That’s how reality works. That’s how we can affect the mathematical world with our mathematical thoughts, ideas and will. That’s how “the Word” can control reality, how language can shape the world.

If you can lift your arm, why can’t you lift your body ... off the ground? Why can’t you levitate? You have control over your arm but you don’t have control over the force of gravity. Yet what is gravity? It’s simply an idea in the mind of the Monadic Collective. If your mind is powerful enough, you can use your own ideas to overcome the
collective idea resisting your rise into the air!

The more complex your thoughts, the more complex and powerful the mathematical functions underlying them, and the more powerful and complex the functions you can construct with your mind in order to overcome matter. In a way, landing men on the moon was an example of the complex thoughts of intelligent beings achieving things that stupid people could only dream of, or that they would associate with the “Gods”.

Smart people really can transform the world. Stupid people can’t – except through violence. Smart people will change the world. Stupid people won’t. There will come a time when smart people will be so smart that they won’t even need machines to do their bidding. Men will land on the moon not via rockets but simply by thinking about it! Do the math!

Imagine if, by mastering music, you could literally make the whole world dance to your tune! Since Illuminism asserts that reality derives from analytic mathematical sinusoids (pure musical tones), we are living in nothing other than a cosmic symphony of the most wondrous music conceivable. The supreme music – the true Music of the Spheres – occurs when perfect monadic symmetry is achieved.

"Abracadabra is an incantation used as a magic word in stage magic tricks, and historically was believed to have healing powers when inscribed on an amulet.“

The word may have its origin in the Aramaic language, but numerous conflicting folk etymologies are associated with it.

"The word ‘Abracadabra’ may derive from an Aramaic phrase meaning ‘I create as I speak.’ This etymology is rather dubious, however, as [it may more reasonably be] translated, ‘I create like the word.’ The second lexeme in this supposedly Aramaic phrase must be a noun given the presence of the definite article on the end of the word (it cannot be an infinitive construct, as the infinitive cannot take the definite article). Regardless, this phrase would actually be pronounced ebra kidbara, which is clearly different from abracadabra. However, Semitic languages like Aramaic are not always hard and fast with the assignment of vowels, and abracadabra is similar enough to ebra kidebra, given the tendency of vowels to shift. In the Hebrew language, the phrase translates more accurately as ‘it came to pass as it was spoken.’” – Wikipedia

So, were the magicians right all along? Were they supreme mathematical intuitives using certain words to exert mental control over matter? Moses was said to have used a divine Word to part the Red Sea, and Solomon to master the demons that built his famous Temple.

Ironically, magician Aleister Crowley said,
"I hardly ever talk – words seem such a waste, and they are none of them true. No one has yet invented a language from my point of view."

He couldn’t have been very good at practical magic ... he wasn’t intuitive enough!

Crowley said, “Magic is a disease of language.” What he ought to have said, perhaps, is, “Magic is the culmination of language, language at its very healthiest, language that has become as one with our will and recognises no limits.”
Of course, most magic is charlatanry ... but not all of it!

We can use “Magic” to refer to the ability to extend our will beyond our limited body to the unlimited world. Language, magic and mathematics are all linked. Genuine magicians don’t know how their magic works. The answer is that it works mathematically, like everything else. Hypnosis allows one person’s will to exert mathematical control over another person’s mind and body. The mechanism here is that the hypnotist’s mind presents a suggestion (a command, a set of words, an idea) to a subject, and the subject then makes it happen using his own will (which is simply reflecting the will of the hypnotist). Demonic possession is when one mind takes over the body belonging to a different mind. Exorcism is when such possession is brought to an end by a more powerful mind that drives out the interloper mind. If the possessing mind is more powerful than the mind of the exorciser, the exorcism will never work. Dominant people can routinely control submissives via the power of words, ideas and suggestions. In one experiment, a dominant spoke to a submissive over the phone from hundreds of miles away, and ordered him to paralyse his own hands. The submissive was then instantly helpless to move his hands, until “released” by the dominant. The dominant had literally used words – language – to induce a physical effect (or a psychological effect with physical consequences) in a submissive. The dominant (it was British illusionist Derren Brown) said, “The interesting thing is you’re fully aware nothing is locking it [your hand]. The idea that it is locked ... I’m providing nothing but the words ... you’re doing it to yourself [but you think I’m doing it to you, hence you need me to release you].”

You could say that the dominant has actually controlled the hands of the submissive directly (remotely), or has controlled the mind of the submissive, who has then frozen his own hands on the dominant’s behalf. This type of thing reduces in the end to simple domination and submission. Dominants are highly unsuggestible and resistant to suggestibility (they, in fact, are the ones doing the suggesting). Submissives are highly suggestible and are looking to have suggestions made to them, and to follow those suggestions. They want to be controlled, while dominants want to control. Mohammed was a classic dominant and Islam is the archetypal submissive religion. In fact, Islam means submission, and only natural submissives would ever find it appealing. How brainwashed do you have to be to be a suicide bomber just because someone dominant tells you to? How submissive did Abraham have to be to agree to murder his son simply because “God” ordered it? How submissive do Christians have to be to refer to Jesus Christ as “Lord”, Master” and “God”? In fact, he was just a silly Jewish rabbi with a Messiah Complex ... or one of the Demiurge’s sinister, dominant Archons (!). Dominants can control reality through their thoughts and words, and is that not true “magic”? Hitler controlled Germany through the power of his ideas and rhetoric (his mastery of words). Nothing is more powerful than words, than ideas. They are just mathematics expressed non-mathematically. They are how Logos is transformed into Mythos. (Numbers are how Mythos is turned into Logos.) Language itself is a form of magic. The use of words gives us not only the power to change our perception of reality, but to change reality itself.

The Magus
Simon Magus = the ultimate intuitive magician, the prototype magician, the Divine Magician. What is the Holy Grail? It’s a MAGIC object. In fiction, writers use words so powerfully that they can create new worlds on paper, better than the world we live in, new people on paper, better and more vivid than the people we know. Imagine doing it as fact rather than fiction!

We must replace the idea that “matter” is external to us with the idea that only other minds and their individual and collective ideas are external to us. All that exists in the universe are the individual and collective thinking of minds. There is no mysterious, inexplicable matter. We live inside a holographic, mathematical Mind (Singularity). The whole concept of matter is an illusion, a mental projection. There are no physical bodies and no physical objects whatsoever. All that exists are minds and their thoughts, perceivers and their perceptions. The only difference between dreaming and waking is that we dream privately and wake collectively. That is, our dreamworld is exclusively about our own minds, whereas, in the waking world, we encounter all the other minds and their thoughts. In our own private world, we meet no resistance. There is no space, no time, no spacetime causation, no limits to what we can and cannot do, bar the limits of our imagination. There is no resistance to our thoughts. In the waking world, we are part of the thoughts of the Monadic Collective, and thus we are subjected to collective, rigid rules and it’s these that are responsible for the “scientific” world of spacetime and the laws of science, and which present the resistance to us that we all encounter in the public, shared, waking world. We are in fact simply coming up against the thoughts of others, rather than just our own thoughts. Interestingly, Berkeley’s God has no world external to him, hence such a God is doing nothing but dreaming! Berkeley relied on God to provide an objective reality for the rest of us. Illuminism relies on other minds. Things most certainly exist when we ourselves are not perceiving them.

-- Updated February 24th, 2017, 12:59 pm to add the following --

When you sleep and start dreaming, you enter a private spacetime construct (your own inverse Fourier Transform), which is why your dream world resembles the real word but, unlike the real world, has no objective, collective rules. You can individually adjust your dream world since you are fully in control of the mathematics of this internal world. You can’t adjust the waking world because it has rules set by all minds and you are not in control of all minds. Every other mind is resisting your will.
In your own dreams, only your will counts. In the waking world, all wills count. To become God means that you can start to have the same power over the real world that you do in your dream world. Your mind has become so mathematically powerful that you can overturn the rules set by the much weaker minds of the non-Gods. You are no longer bound by the collective mind. You are now truly free.

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