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New worldview in the field of natural sciences and philosoph

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New worldview in the field of natural sciences and philosoph

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New worldview in the field of natural sciences and philosophy,
which emerged on the basis open of mystery natural selection and reproduction of viable organisms


On the example of mammals, experimentally discovered the criterion of health, under which performs the action: natural selection and reproduction of viable organisms, and also an interdiction and realization of infinite variants of pathology.

This criterion allows carrying out control of parental levels of viability before conception of descendants and opens a new era in prevention of illnesses at animals and people in the course of their reproduction.

In connection with absence of the criterion necessary for differential diagnostics and the control of viability of organisms, against the background of a wide range of hereditary, congenital and acquired diseases that threaten the extinction of mankind, the animal industries and public health services undergo huge losses, and therefore unable to restore the lost viability of historically:
- None at the expense of finance and technical resources;
- None through the use of a huge army of specialists and scientific institutions, who vainly try to explore the infinite diversity of individual diseases;
- Not by the grace of distorting the reality of the laws.

Disclosing of secret of natural selection and reproduction of viable organisms has specified interrelation between preservation and development of the nature, and in particular, between a quantitative constancy of individuals and the qualitative variability which is directed aside their perfection.

Experimentally established law of continuity attributes of being radically changes representation about development and preservation of the nature, because the set of known facts confirming the presence in the nature of the phenomena of preservation and development, by mistake, then there is a lack of justification, have been erected by science, to the rank of isolated laws that distort reality.

As for the policies of the World Health Organization, I propose to establish an International Center for Prevention of Illnesses in Progeny of humans and animals, because control of viability, is an inevitable necessity for survival and further development of mankind in the unity of organisms of the environment.

Method of preventing illnesses in the progeny of people and animals

It is known, that an infinite variety of organisms survived and prospered during many billions years in absence of modern ways of diagnostics and treatment of illnesses.
Moreover, this process proceeded steadily in the absence of substantiation of nature conservation in isolation from development in accordance with the laws, which were then invented in the science.
Very good, that in ancient times there was no need to prove the conservation of nature in isolation from the development in accordance with complete distortion of worldview and the reality in modern science.

And, because:
- In three separated laws of philosophy cannot be and really there is no concrete formulation about development of the nature;
- And about its preservation cannot be and really there is no concrete formulation in three separated laws, introductions or the beginnings of all beginnings of thermodynamics;
- Also as well as in three laws of dynamics;
Modern representation about of being resembles, more an earlier worldview, in conformity with which the World stood on three whales, three elephants and a turtle!

Time has shown that we cannot get rid separately from parasitic, bacterial, viral, immune, allergic, nervous, mental, cardiovascular, oncology, endocrine, etc. disease.

Attempt, undertaken in science for the purpose to prevent the individual variants of Pathology among its infinite diverse of manifestations, - unavoidably gave birth to the unrealizable for the financing branched profile of scientific establishments, where specialists work a specific profile:
cardiologists, TB doctors, pulmonologists, ophthalmologists, helminthological, pathologists, transplant, gastroenterologists, psychiatrists, neurologists, physiologists, pathophysiology, trauma, hematologists, immunologists, endocrinologists, bacteriology, virology, neurosurgeons, dentists, obstetricians, biochemists, biophysics, pharmacists, astrologers, psychologists, geneticists, otolaryngologists, and so on.

In particular, for the penultimate seems to lack only a few nanometers, with the purpose to deepen into the structure of chromosomes, genes, its molecules and atoms, to understand the cause of the problem.

As a result, the treatment from of many diseases, mentioned in the list: patients along and across the rugged a under the influence of the scalpel, poisoned by the chemistry, of deep-irradiated, they will inevitably come to my colleague - the therapist, who in the course of training at university with a huge variety of medical disciplines that are inaccessible to the mind, to knows a little of everything, about everything, but specifically about anything.

So, for example, difficulty for detect changes in DNA structure and genes, as a rule, are expressed in ugliness resistant to treatment in organisms that is accessible to diagnostics and not the naked eye.
This fact indicates that modern genetics cannot provide the diagnosis and monitoring of the set variable levels of viability in the absence of overt signs of pathology. However, she obsessively tries to make it through the anti-scientific lies and advertising gimmicks designed to redemption unjustified hopes and expended wasted trillions of Finance.
For example pregnancy, in healthy rats, which takes place against a background of semi-starvation diet of protein, was escorted into childhood dystrophy, dental caries, irreversible changes in tissues and organs up and decrease the concentration of DNA in cells, not without changing its structure.

Having lost the way among two birches, in the form of purine and pyrimidine the bases: adenine - guanine and thymine – uracil, genetics exaggerate value of DNA in an organism together with own applicability in a science and a practice. Consequence of it became below mentioned a reality, perverted to the detriment of health of animals and people.

In anxiety concerning what ugliness will be born in following generation, we distinctly realize similar to researchers in the field of genetics an outstanding role of surgeons in reproduction of cardio-defects, a harelip, blindness, absence in the newborn organism from intestines of the external aperture and so it is infinite.

In the field of experimental oncology it was possible to be convinced, that the researchers can sometimes get rid of cancer cells and from a tumor how to get rid of signal light bulb by means of a hammer, but not from of cause, which have generated illness, her inevitable return after treatment and death of an organism.

Coming back to a problem of our survival and development in unity of organisms of an environment will be pertinently to mention about arisen virus epidemic at sheep’s and furiousness at cows on the Native land of cloning of mammals. In the same place, researchers have undertaken search of a nonexistent gene in the nature which would supervise health or longevity irrespective of a full set of chromosomes.

By the way, the cloning of organisms, with similar to us dystrophies on an example of brothers smaller, in the absence of quality selection, and together with and absence it variability of biological forms, that encompasses the need for their perfection, was inevitably expressed in the loss of organisms ability to their survival. In particular, the cloning was aggravated with occurrence of a congenital arthritis in sheep’s, and a birth of the person - the ugly creature.

The prevailing part of sheep’s has been destroyed in connection with virus epidemic, in consequence of that, on a fire has burned down together with wool of 10 million sheep’s. As a result, Kingdom of the Great Britain has lost 12 billion pounds sterling, besides is absolute without a guarantee to exclude relapse of epidemic. Financial losses will reach trillions, if to consider natural occurrence in the same country of a spongy encephalopathy, i.e. furiousness at the cows, in the World patients with leukemia of herd and destroyed owing to flu very much a plenty of birds which also are intended for a food of people not without damage to their health.
“Euro news” report 2002-11-29.

This problem was further exacerbated by and in all countries the World.

Materials and research methods

Initially, the experimental search was undertaken for obtain one of the tests early diagnosis of cancer with the probability of detecting changes in metabolism, characteristic of this disease, that in turn will help to clarify the cause of its occurrence in the organism.

In order to identify features in the metabolism of healthy and diseased organisms, as extremely weakened condition of the latter was adopted by the spontaneous and carcinogen-induced cancer, hereditary predisposition to him, and other illness.

In the experiments, were used: laboratory and wild mice, rats and more 20 species mammals at the zoo, as well as people of different ages, gender, and athletes.

Calculation of speed of metabolic processes was carried out by means of the attitude between quantity mcg of the general nitrogen, parallel with the amino acids (in daily urine) and weight of an organism in grams: mcg / gr. of body weight.

These indicators reflect the level that is the rate of protein metabolism that is associated with other forms of exchange in the organisms, along with changes its immune, nervous, cardiovascular, lymphatic, endocrine systems, and so on.

Research results and discussion

The success has brought one of many experiments, allowed to reveal long-awaited distinction. This difference consisted in the of quantity free amino acids which are present in the daily urine of individual organisms. In a consequence, correlation between change of the given parameter and quantity of the general nitrogen in daily urine has been tracked. Together they represent a level that is the rate of metabolism of nitrogen or protein, where higher settings belong to healthy, low - sick organisms.

The experts involved in cultivation of laboratory animals with surprise have apprehended the found out fact.
Perhaps by mistake, whether as humor, but happens so, that instead of healthy animals, workers vivarium have given out three groups of linear mice of the same color, a floor and age for the further researches. In these mice at two monthly age had predisposition 100 % to a cancer of a mammary gland, lungs and the blood, enshrined in the offspring by inbreeding for decades and hundreds of generations (typically, the tumor in mice occurs after the year). During registration and comparison of levels of a metabolism at mice, to surprise of the experts, the mistake has been easily detected. And that the low level of a metabolism is found out not only in parents at presence of tumors, but also at their absence at children at young age is very important.

The successful beginning of researches was interrupted with unique experiment.
It has appeared, that the found out distinction in levels is property not only oncological, but also other illnesses.

In the jungles of an uncharted path of an artifact has caused in the researcher a panic, disappointment and a shock simultaneously.
Exit out of the impasse was visible only through the upcoming confirmation of a new hypothesis in the unity of a set of the previous assumptions. In particular, it was necessary to prove, that the found out criterion is universal for various illnesses. But for a substantiation of the given hypothesis it was necessary to be convinced of absolutely opposite circumstance of things, namely that high levels of a metabolism belong to wild animals which constantly undergo natural selection.

Confirmation of the new assumptions evident in the experimentally detected in the confrontation between the high level of metabolism in wild mice and rats, compared with a low level - at the weakened animal vivarium suffering from cancer. This opposition reflects the difference found in more than 10 times and averaged 3.5-fold.

The reliability of selected areas of research confirmed in the following set of experiments (Tables: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Pictures: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5).
In the progeny traced the continuity of levels of metabolism from parents;
Prevailing influence of levels in the offspring was dictated by the condition of the fetus during pregnancy in the womb;
It is shown that viability in the offspring gradually is lost, depending on the reduction of levels and, on the contrary, restored in accordance with the increase of parental levels of metabolism;

It turned out, that low levels of metabolism are allowed and, conversely, high - prohibit the manifestation of any pathology;
That’s why in order to prevent the weak and get viable offspring prior to conception of the latter, in laboratory animals has been made the selection of parents with high levels of metabolism.
The ability to quickly get rid of cancer, which was secured in the offspring for decades and hundreds of generations, has been provided through selection and breeding of mice with high levels of metabolism.

By studying the levels of metabolism in paddlers, swimmers and wrestlers, to the surprise of trainers, easy to identify the confrontation of individual performance sport.

Also revealed that historically people have lost high level of a metabolism and, therefore, he needs to recover. As a result we are forced to silently contemplate: and the indomitable growth of a wide range of diseases, and the probability of extinction of humanity.

During the registration of levels at different species of zoo mammals it has been shown that the high metabolism levels are typical not only for small, but also for big animals with weight of 100 kg and more.

Study have shown, that accepted as criterion of viability levels of energy, a matter, exchange interaction or a metabolism possess the contradictory affiliation and express an infinite variety of forms of movement, or attributes of being.

In particular, inconsistent character of levels belongs:

- Opposite sexes – male and female;
- Natural selection and reproduction – qualitative and quantitative;
- Onto- and phylogenetic - spatial and temporal;
- Species and individuality – universal and particular;
- Synthesis and destruction – anabolic and catabolic;
- Quiescence and motion – potential and kinetic;
- Health and disease - normal and pathological and so on.

For example, qualitative selection of the most viable organisms, that have high metabolism levels and proper fertileness, provides preservation of a kind, i.e. quantitative reproduction of descendants in excess. In its turn quantitative reproduction of descendants provides perfection of species, i.e. qualitative selection of the most viable organisms according to the high metabolism level. In a similar way takes place realize ontogeny and phylogeny, where spatial or intrauterine level of fetus provides the temporal, that is, level of a metabolism of an adult organism, after a birth, and on the contrary.
The same way displays inherent the for self-motion’s, the connection between the type and individual organisms, potential and kinetic, destruction and synthesis, negation and affirmation etc.


In the study of metabolism in mammals, discovered the criterion of health, under which performs the action: natural selection and reproduction of viable organisms, and also an interdiction and realization of infinite variants of pathology.

On the example of the variability of levels of metabolism, which reflect the degree of health or viability of the organisms was traced the interconnection of such phenomena as: the preservation and development, space and time, the universal and particular, the potential and kinetic, denial and assertion (that is, synthesis and destruction, integration and disintegration), and so on.
In nature, there is the relationship and such phenomena as:
Finite and infinite;
Discontinuous and continuous;
Centrifugal and centripetal;
Ideal and real;
The divine and the diabolical;
The holy and the sinful;
Spin and invariance;
Charm and strangeness;
"Independent" from the policy newspaper;
Or, new covenants, which come to replace outdated light.

This means that in nature no other manifestation, except contradictory levels of exchange interaction, of energy, that is, forms of movement!

Disclosing of secret of natural selection and reproduction of viable organisms has specified interrelation between preservation and development of the nature, and in particular, between a quantitative constancy of individuals and the qualitative variability which is directed aside their perfection.

Experimentally established law of continuity attributes of being radically changes representation about development and preservation of the nature.
In accordance with the set of known facts in science, it was established presence in the nature of the phenomena of conservation and development. However, as revealed in the present study, these phenomena are in error, that is, in absence of justification were raised to the rank independent of each other's laws that distort reality.

Thus the, was found a causal link, which is the basis of self-motion opposite, forms of being or natural phenomena. It means that the nature cannot undergo development without preservation, as well as preservation without development at any level of the organization. In it testify the levels of a metabolism that belong the concrete form of organisms.

Owing to misunderstanding mutual conditionality of things, philosophers by means of fiction have erected preservation and development of the nature above a variety integrated, and equal in significance opposite forms of movement. This circumstance of things promoted occurrence of the "basic" question in philosophy "about the superiority: the being - above a consciousness and, on the contrary". Incorrectly formulated question not only has perverted interrelation of ideal and real in the process of knowledge, but also has generated one-sidedly-ugly and consequently irreconcilable idealists and materialists.

This discovery contains a new worldview in the natural sciences, health, veterinary and medicine, philosophy and science in general.

As for my view on this policy, I propose to establish an International Center for Prevention of Illnesses in Progeny of humans and animals, because control of viability, is an inevitable necessity for survival and further development of mankind in the unity of organisms of the environment.

Thus, the essence of being is in the fact that in nature no other of manifestation, except the contradictory levels energy, of exchange interaction, that is forms of movement!

Results of the present researches can be used also:

- In a reproduction of new breeds and kinds of animals;
- In epidemiology;
- In the sanitary control of animals intended for the food industry;
- In selection of methods of treatment and their forecasting;
- In perfection of criteria of viability;
- In the army;
- In a sport;
- In protection of motherhood and the childhood.

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The false theories that give birth to false philosophy

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Post Number:#1 PostFebruary 5th, 2012, 5:32 pm
I am constantly reminded of the scientific concepts that are used to confirm or deny a position of philosophical interest. Let us from this humble forum convince the academic world that particles of matter and the BB are not to be accepted as fact. Facts to be used in debate as if written by Moses and preserved for our reference.


I've never had to do with philosophy. However, there is a need to emphasize that the question posed author Xris, embodies the essence of a complete distortion of reality, together with the scientific worldview in physics.

World view of physicists of the last century was reflected in the fact that there was no sense in microcosm consider an infinite variety of forms. Contrary to the relativism of elementary particles have a contradictory belonging (contradictory affiliation), which provides the ability to interact (self-motion), that is, embody inherent for self-movement, a cause-effect relationship.

Contradictory affiliation, this is a set of contradictory characteristics or properties inherent for of objects to individual forms of motion.

In support of evidence-based pattern being demonstrates the opening of secret natural selection and reproduction of viable organisms. In particular, the underlying self-motions of contradictory affiliation, of inherent for the objects the infinite variety of biological forms is shown of the example of their exchange interaction:
Women's and men's;
Qualitative and quantitative;
Spatial and temporal;
Universal and private;
Potential and kinetic;
Catabolic and anabolic;
Normal and abnormal;
And so on.

In that lies the essence law of being, that in nature there is no other manifestations, other than her conflicting levels of the exchange interaction energy, that is, forms of movement.
And because the lack of scientific understanding of contradictory affiliation of the energy levels hinders the search for new forms of energy, together with the scientific justification for its retention in the universe and at the same time distorts reality together with the world view.

And now let us imagine the essence of being, invented by relativists, for that would come in the nature of all in motion by the wave function, which relativists have taken as a basis for their physical and mathematical formulations. This, in turn, characterizes them a great misconception about the neglect of an in microcosm of elementary particles that have: and weight, and inherent for self-motion the contradictory affiliation.
Of course, in the absence of interaction between objects in a microcosm the diversity of elementary particles does not make sense to hope for the emergence of a wave in the absence of its carriers.
In connection with what has arisen, and fiction to justify the movement in the universe through, super natural power first impulse, followed by recession of galaxies from the amorphous, i.e., undifferentiated point, respectively, distorted reality, together with the worldview of physics.

Will there be a wave in the ocean, in the absence of water molecules?
It is not necessary to be a philosopher to understand the absolute probability of loss of motion in the universe with the disappearance of its infinite variety of forms.

However, for some helluva lot of smart scientists and to this day it remains unclear, absence difference between mass and energy.
Moreover, it is a false contrast of identical things we have already seen for example of continuity in the paper is mathematically identical formulations under the title "Law on the continuity of mass and energy."
All the more so, that mass the rest and motion or energy the rest and motion, were previously known and had the exact expression in the form of the indissoluble of potential and kinetic manifestations of being.

One of the Soviet philosophers tried to explain the man in the street, as well as students and pupils in a simplified form of "law of continuity of mass and energy": matter - this the mass of the substance, but the energy that pushes her from behind, it is a movement. That was, in his opinion, the interdependence of things according to the indissolubility of mathematical formulations in the paper.
However, resulting from physical and mathematical formulations of the continuity or interdependence between the amount and the amount it is twisted reality into conformity with their ugly lopsided quantitative principle of existence in the absence of quality. Thus, during the previous century, philosophers - the supporters of relativism recognized quantitative theory of life, rejecting his opposite quality of being, veiled until the disappearance of reality through the physical and mathematical formulations.

Matter has disappeared, remained bare of the equation.

Is this yet another discovery of the universal law for all manner of laws?
Youth Humanitarian Forum Ideology: «Forum Science and Technology».
Here is my posted topic: New worldview in the field of natural sciences, health, veterinary science, medicine, philosophy and science in general.

No dear Lokky! This finding suggests that the known facts or phenomena have been mistakenly accepted by science as the law of conservation and independent of it of the law of development.
These facts merely state the preservation and development, but they do not answer the question of why nature is preserved and developed.
From what we can conclude that the facts are not yet reveal the essence of the phenomenon, since the essence of the phenomenon encompasses the underlying patterns of each causal relationship, typical of the contradictory forms of being.

This applies to the phenomenon of Universal gravitation, because at the basis of law it lies interconnection between centrifugal force and the opposite centripetal.

The same applies to the new covenant to replace the old light, divine and diabolical, holy and sinful, and so on. In particular, of the divine "Law", encompassing the ascension of Lord biased in the absence of an opposite and equal with the Devil has no scientific justification due to the absence in it of a causal connection, inherent to for the opposite forms of being.
Like the Bolsheviks, who dreamed to build a historically frustrated Communism, Jehovah's Witnesses, how children are doomed to infantilism, naively trying to create for themselves by existence of a divine by means of full and final deliverance from the devil, forgetting that in the absence of the latter, they would never have learned who is a God.

Not the best way is semi-abandoned in the Russian Tokamak and Large Hadron Collider LHC, built in Europe, for transform the energy of the straw in the chaff – chaff.
Thus, researchers are trying either to create an artificial sun, uncharacteristic for nature, or exhibit peculiar to modern science complete insanity.

The basis of this experiment is the delusional fantasy of the origin of the universe, through its explosion with excess of the natural forces, for the occurrence of the first wave of; the study is worth many trillions of taxpayers' finances in order to justify the stupidity that has emerged in science among scientists of children.

This distorted worldview has been criticized by Friedrich Engels in his book "Dialectics of Nature."

As you can see, in lost in the wilds of science relativists, and in particular physics, reality has undergone a distortion along with a distorted world view in philosophy. The result is that a relativist philosophy is intended only for the titillation of their own brains in the contemplation of this world, but not with a view to its conversion.
Moreover, this rotten from the brain to the skin philosophy in foreign countries are used as political puppets like female prostitutes, in what has been repeatedly convince the world the example of trials of the Fallen to the frenzy of cheap politicians in their fierce and dirty, because it is absolutely immoral struggle for power! Try accessing the internet in a foreign philosophy forum and you will see firsthand that this false philosophy hidden from users and true reality behind lock and key, in the end, it looks like nothing but an iron curtain of the notorious democracy.

Let us not forget the fact that many authors of these formulations have been rewarded with the Nobel Prize in gratitude for a complete distortion of reality.
These things absolutely cannot be compared with an opening in Russia.

And because in the infinite diversity of contradictory forms the micro world, have and mass, and the contradictory affiliation, they is able to initiate the chain of causation, which causes them to self-movement, organisms, absorbing a lot of photons, protons, neutrons, electrons and other elementary particles with nuclei of helium increases the mass of our own planet with subsequent transformation synthesized the substance in solid, liquid and gaseous state.

And then the professors in the field of astrophysics, geophysics and geochemistry are trying to calculate the age of our Earth since its the last of the remelting of the crust thousand times.

Now let's count up how much will need trillions of light years for our planet to grow its mass?

So there is a formation planets, comets and asteroids with a mandatory return of the accumulated mass in favor of their stars, to increase the duration of its emission, in what appears inherent for self-motion the interdependence of things in nature.

And if the accumulation of energy resources takes place on the planet for hundreds of millions of years, we have time to use them for several decades.

This situation of things excludes the fictional in astrophysicists raving about the formation of the mentioned objects of the universe through the cold and hot accretion from nothing.

This error is completely contrary to found the remains of fossilized life a civilized people together with dinosaurs, other animals and plants.
The article and the documentary photographic material on this is on the Internet under the title:
The civilization of the era of dinosaurs found in Russia.

Philosophy, together with its set of disparate laws and categories will exist as long as philosophers do not imbued with the fact that all things in nature are composed in of a causal link. In bypassing the philosophy, the researchers will inevitably be forced to adopt scientifically based worldview - experimentally established law of being.

An article on this topic published in the internet under the title:
New worldview in the field of natural sciences, philosophy and religion which emerged on the basis open of mystery natural selection and reproduction of viable organisms.
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