Women in Bikinis - Size 6 vs Size 12

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Generally speaking, which is more beautiful?

Size 6 woman
Size 12 woman
They are equally beautiful.
Total votes: 59

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Re: Women in Bikinis - Size 6 vs Size 12

Post by chala » December 20th, 2017, 6:42 pm

IMO beauty would be an aspect of ideal human types in a more real world. Ideal images have replaced the appreciation for ideal types so beauty is really in the eye of the beholder's imagination. Deciding on size 6 or size 12 seems to depend upon advertising.

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Re: Women in Bikinis - Size 6 vs Size 12

Post by Burning ghost » December 21st, 2017, 1:34 am

Chala -

I don't really think "size"matters. It is likely a case of shape and youthful exposure. I do wonder how my tastes in women, physically, have been founded. One thing that occurred to me a few years ago was that the first girl to pay attention to me tended to be the type of girl I latter found attractive. I am really not so sure that advertising effects male opinion as much as it does female opinion?

I have already stated I would LOVE to see this survey made where men and women's views could be seen. Do more women assume size 6 to be sexier or do more men view size 6 to be sexier? I also think that life experiences tend to skew these views too. The women I have been with sexually usually make me wish to purpose women with the same, or similar, "look". Then there are other factors of personality, and some people may like to explore a variety and it is likely to those people we should look for an "average" opinion. I would suspect that if all men had sexual encounters with all different kinds if women they would have some very slight preferences when it came to sexual attraction (I mean averaged over the whole population of such men.)

I am of course regarding "beauty" as entwined in "sexual attraction" which may not be completely fair, but I would argue that it is not something most men can easily ignore. For example I would call Rihanna "sexy", but not "beautiful"; yet she is "beautiful" because she is "sexy". On the other hand I can look at guys and say he looks more handsome than him in a non-sexual way, I just find it much harder to delineate between such things when talking about the sex I am attracted to.

There are some inbuilt standards for beauty though, such as symmetry. I referred above to "shape" because I would imagine due to nature men are more likely to go for "wider hips" and perhaps "larger breast" (although I think the latter is more due to memories of infancy?)

Go watch "Windowlicker". Sexy and beautiful until the face is exposed; then the whole thing becomes less appealing! haha!

IF we wish to blame advertising then surely you have to ask "Why do the advertisers pick THOSE women?" I would suggest they pick those women because most people find them to be attractive, be it due to beauty or as more sexually appealing. The adverts work because they adhere to a general idea of beauty. Notice how the whole "big booty" thing came about? The advertising changes to fit what is fashionable more than it directs what will be fashionable. Generally is someone is successful and appealing then people wish to imitate them and thus a cultural shift in attitudes toward beauty sets in. I do think basic biological attraction can't be completely factored out though, and some people are always going to be physically ugly, just as some beautiful people are still going to be repulsive due to there personality.
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Re: Women in Bikinis - Size 6 vs Size 12

Post by Namelesss » March 12th, 2018, 9:31 pm

Those who have never experienced unconditional Love tend to confuse 'beauty' with 'pretty'.
Some can be attractive/pretty, depending on the Perspective, all 'conditional'...
Through the eyes of unconditional Love, all is Beautiful!
The Beloved is always Beautiful, but that makes no difference, no 'conditionality', of age or weight or boobsize or any other 'condition'!
Love and Beauty transcend mere personal attraction (over which I suggest that we have no control, whatsoever); usually brainwashed/programmed by media...

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Re: Women in Bikinis - Size 6 vs Size 12

Post by Namelesss » March 12th, 2018, 9:33 pm

"For every Perspective, there is an equal and opposite Perspective (of the same One Reality/Person)!" - First Law of Soul Dynamics

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Re: Women in Bikinis - Size 6 vs Size 12

Post by Terrapin Station » February 12th, 2020, 6:05 am

I don't like either too thin or too fat.

I also don't like "thin but flabby and/or amorphous," which is common.

Hit the gym (or do equivalent exercise) regularly.

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