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The Forth Dimensional Film Hypothesis

Posted: November 9th, 2015, 7:36 pm
by Val Valiant Five
The Forth Dimensional Film Hypothesis, an attempt to imagine extra-dimensional reality from the confines of individual conciousness. By Val Valiant Five

What if each waking day of our lives is a single frame from a forth-dementional film?

What if, like Muybridge's animation 'The Horse in Motion' (with each photographic frame of a running horse forming the first ever animated film) our reality, as perceived from our waking third-dimensional perspective, is like a daily shutter-frame of a forth or multi-dimensional zoopaxriscope?

And since we can speed up, slow down or even reverse any actual film; We can imagine that each waking day is like a single frame in a forth, or extra-dimensional "point" of view. With each individualized glance into our really being the days we individually experience from wake-to-sleep in our current reality.

Now speed up the film.

Imagine each breaking day racing past and back into the arms of Morpheus. Imagine each day as a flash of condensed, accelerated time. Like a strobe, our brief slumber being the black gap between the frames, the frames of our unique lives that we each live from birth-to-death. Diving in and out of this reality, from a different kind of film, in a different kind of time.

It makes me wonder if the stuff of dreams is somehow looking between these extra-dimensional frames

Please feel free to comment, critique and dissect below, all comments from within our limit time-frame are equally appreciated.

Re: The Forth Dimensional Film Hypothesis

Posted: December 6th, 2015, 10:04 pm
by Scott
Each unit of time cannot be a frame because Einstein showed that simultaneity doesn't actually exist. The order of events can change from observer to observer; things that happen simultaneously for one observer may not be simultaneous for another and vice versa.

Re: The Forth Dimensional Film Hypothesis

Posted: December 7th, 2015, 12:12 pm
by Val Valiant Five
Thank you for the input Scott! Please feel free to remove or just ignore my second attempt to post this (in the science category) with the asterisk in the title. It's just redundant at this point.

I would like consider this on the Planck scale to extrapolate if I may:

Lets say all things in our reality are momentarily within our present as individual frames (or super-positioned forth dimensional "micro-film", as it were), which also could be represented as 'strings' as suggested by quantum mechanics and super-string theory.
So on the microscopic level (as perceived by electron microscopes) we can see each individual super-positioned lens of the 4D projector as the smallest possible perfect sphere that exists in our current reality. Which, when seen from a forth-dimensional perspective, encompasses all time and all possibility, and would form the smallest possible perfect string. It forms a sphere in our reality because this is the shape of the lens (the pinch in possibility that forms our reality) that is our "now", as perceived from our reality on the sub-atomic level. Quantum entanglement can now be explained as similar "stings of micro-film" passing through the infinitely-faceted individualized lens of a projector that feeds all possibility through it to form our reality that then subdivides it back into all possible outcomes.
This would also mean that largest expression of the macroverse would be the trans-positioned sphere of all possible outcomes, or the actual edge of the forth dimensional projector.

Could this possibly be simultaneity existing beyond our ability to perceive it?