The tragic hero and Hamlet

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Re: The tragic hero and Hamlet

Post by Belinda » May 19th, 2016, 8:28 am

Stephen C Pedersen wrote:I think the OP did point our his tragic flaw. Hamletian indecision. He was stuck inbetween justice and just letting it go. Instead of letting it go, the right thing to do, he was the whole tragedy. His indecisiveness led him to keep passively pursuing him. As time passed he became more like Claudius because he couldn't let it go, even though he couldn't make a decision.
Interesting. Do you imply existentialist Hamlet as what being inauthentic comes to in the end?

So in the existentialist interpretation the soliloque might scan as:

To be or not!

To be, that is the question!

The free person is proof against slings and arrows.

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