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The Explanation of Life

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Re: The Explanation of Life

Post by Greta » August 12th, 2016, 8:42 pm

Felix wrote:
Seems to be an awful lot of chaos in this closed universe, Felix.
By "chaos" I meant complete disorder or utter incoherence. Even at the maximum level of entropy, there is coherence.
Yes. That must be so because the chances of utter chaos not accidentally producing coherent structures for any length of time would seem to be almost zero. While those structures are not significant to humans, some persist and grow. The dynamic is made clear by planet formation. In the chaotic dust cloud gravity, electromagnetic or mechanical forces result in "some rubble being more equal than others". Even when it comes to planet formation, "the rich get richer", and the big bodies attract more stuff to them than smaller ones.

Eventually the planet clears its space and a new level of order has emerged out of the chaos, but within the planet itself lies chaos akin to that of the proto-planetary dust cloud. The same thing occurs, within the chaos, pockets of order grow and the Earth now has numerous climate and geological systems (noting that biology is just extended geology).
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Re: The Explanation of Life

Post by Mysterio448 » August 13th, 2016, 10:57 pm

Felix wrote:Mysterio, As I said earlier, the universe is believed to be a closed system. Within this system, micro-energy fluctuations such as "quantum foam" can occur. These fluctuations do not entail the actual creation and destruction of energy, which would contradict the first and second laws of thermodynamics, but merely the displacement and/or transformation of energy. Therefore it would be correct to say that quantum energy particles appear and disappear like the light from a firefly but not that they exist and cease to exist. A more accurate description of this phenomena would require the use of mathematical equations....
To be honest, I am by no means an expert on quantum mechanics. All I know about the subject is what I have read, and I don't really know enough to argue about the subject at length. I mentioned the quantum foam just to make a larger philosophical point about the universe: that reality is a mysterious fusion between order and chaos, stability and flux, structure and randomness. Whether the virtual particles actually disappear from existence and then reappear, or whether they are some transformation of energy, it cannot be disputed that the process is in a state of flux, turmoil, randomness. Yet this manifestation of chaos paradoxically coincides with the stable state of space itself. In addition, the chaotic state of the gluons in a nuclear particle paradoxically coincides with the stable state of the particle itself. I believe these examples indicate a central motif of the cosmos.

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Re: The Explanation of Life

Post by Rr6 » August 13th, 2016, 11:07 pm


..."WGDE proposes an entirely new version of our Universe. Our Universe is not comprised of particles. It is
interwoven by electromagnetic threads. Every atom in the Universe is connected to all others. Light consists
of a torsion along this DNA-like configuration, and gravity is a tension caused by an aggregate of these ropes.

....There are only two forces in the Universe, two forms of physical contact that we can imagine: push (light) and
pull (gravity). The mathematical physicists have invented in addition the weak force (another form of push) and
the strong interaction (another form of pull). In Quantum there are two forms of push and two forms of pull. The
mechanics refer to these two forces as the four forces or interactions.

.....They specifically clarify that a particle has the ability to carry one of these forces and deliver it upon contact with another. Just in case, the scholars throw in a caveat that you should suspect your intuition and take their word at face value because it is backed by
authority and Math.
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Re: The Explanation of Life

Post by Shar » January 1st, 2019, 1:49 pm

The Explanation of Life is the most orderly book I have read. Great work and thanks.

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