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Some Questions about P-Zombies Hypothesis

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Re: Some Questions about P-Zombies Hypothesis

Post by Consul » November 5th, 2017, 2:47 pm

Wayne92587 wrote:Consciousness is not an activity of a Man born of the dust of the ground, the Evolutionary Process.

It is man's nature to a least attempt to escape the Material World of Reality.

Born bare, less than mere animal, all material Realities, Creatures, must become more than a mere Animal in order to survive.
Man born of dust of the ground is bound to extinction.

In order for Man to survive, Man must become more than a mere Animal, boundless when it comes to the Laws of Nature, the Material World of Reality; Man must become the Ultimate Survivor, God Like.
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Re: Some Questions about P-Zombies Hypothesis

Post by Wayne92587 » November 6th, 2017, 8:48 am

I believe that man has a sense of Realities that he is unable to speak of, Priory knowledge, sacred, hidden, secret, forbidden, Knowledge of Realities than have no Material substance.

Because of this we use metaphors, symbols, astrology to speak of these Realities.

The problem with the use of metaphors, because speaking of this form of knowledge of realities that have no material substance results in an Abomination.

The term abomination is very applicable even that it is used most in religious conversation, such as it being an abomination to speak of sacred knowledge of God.

It takes a person that is all knowing, God like to speak of sacred knowledge, a know it all, someone that is full of hot air, B.S.

The use of the term Blasphemy, irreverent, is not limited to theological homiletics.

When a term is used as a metaphor, such as Woman, the metaphor is not the only abomination.
All variations of the metaphor also become distorted, perverted.

I glean a different meaning for woman, femininity.
Woman, Femininity, are metaphors that are meant to be descriptive of Spirituality, Consciousness, things born of the air, things that have no materiel worth, Substance, born of Magic, Evil.

My best example of the perversion of the term Woman, Femininity, because of its use as a metaphor, is the affect that it has on the mentality of a Male Chauvinistic Pig. Masculinity, Machismo, are the metaphors used by men that perverts, distorts the term Man, is the metaphor used to describe the male counter part for Woman.

The Machismo mentality of the Fundamentalist Muslim male, results in the metaphor, "Women" to have no material worth, Physical substance, to be flighty, to be an airhead, useless, except for cooking, cleaning, the rearing of children, Sex.

Adam and Eve, Man and Woman are metaphors that are descriptive of the Physical and the Spiritual, the Material and the Immaterial.

-- Updated November 6th, 2017, 6:19 am to add the following --

What you people do not understand is that a Zombie is mortal, Animal, Man, Man before the breath, the Immortal spirit, of God was breathed into man's nostrils, before man became wise, Conscious, man before he became animate.

The breath, the Immortal Spirit of God is the seed of all living things, the Spirit of God being Boundlessness,

In order for freedom to exist Freedom must be Absolute Freedom; of Motion which takes on the form of an innate, inner motion, a oscillation Vibration; Boundlessness, Absolute Freedom. of motion having do displacement, no angular momentum, no velocity of speed and direction.

-- Updated November 7th, 2017, 10:13 am to add the following --

You can not be conscious If you can not escape from Material domination

-- Updated November 11th, 2017, 11:52 am to add the following --

Your argument as to the source of consciousness is as old as the hills.

The Battle between the Sprit and the Flesh

Synonyms of the term consciousness; Spirit, Soul, Mind, Psyche.

If a man like being physical being, had only a mortal, Animal, Soul, said creature, animal man, would be a Zombie, would not be conscious.

Conscious Man as animal with the head of a God, as a Like Creature, being creative, would become the Ultimate Survivor.

Metaphorically speaking, when the Breath, the animating Spirit, the boundless nature of God Consciousness, the Immortal Spirit of God became a Living Soul..

-- Updated November 11th, 2017, 12:00 pm to add the following --

The Fundamentalist Muslim Male, ISIS, a chauvinistic Pig, is a perfect Example if a Zombie.
Machismo, a perverted, distorted sense of manliness, masculinity being a sign of a Chauvinistic Pig, a Zombie.

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