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Non-Duality is terrifying

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Re: Non-Duality is terrifying

Post by Atla » January 19th, 2019, 5:51 pm

Wayne92587 wrote:
September 9th, 2018, 1:10 pm
I could not read past the first Page.

As I see it, because language is based on metaphors, language is an abomination.

You can not, it is irreverent to, speak of, give a name to God or any other hidden, secret,
Sacred, Entity.

The existence or non-existence of anything that is not readily apparent, is not measurable as to location and momentum in Space-Time, is a lie, is at best “Uncertain”.

In Quantum Theory that Reality itself is generated by the mind, is not born of experience, that man must look upon, see a Reality before it can exist.

For the Quantum Theorist, because he or she has no Knowledge of what existed before the so called Big Bang that Universe has no beginning; have been forced to modify that theory.

The theoretical scientist now believes that the Heaven and the Earth, the Universe, the Reality of Everything is born of Nothingness.

This works for the Religious Theorist because he and she believe that Heavens and the Earth, that the Universe, that the Reality of Everything was born of the Mind of God, that not only the Mind of God but also the Mind of Man has no material, physical, existence.

Duality for Descartes was the Duality of Mind and Body, however not only Body but also Mind was theorized to physical, a immateriality,

Man without a doubt has a dual quality, Mind and Body, Spirit and Flesh, however Mankind is not a Duality.

It is said in the Bible that the two are to become One

It is said in Tao te Ching that if the two become One that man will enter the gateway to the Stars,

Hermes Trismegistus was Three Times Great.

From the Emerald Tablet.

Who it is without false hood certain and most true, that that which is above is like to that which is below and that that which is below is like to that which is above to accomplish the miracles of wondering.

In order for the so called Jesus Christ to become the Savior of Mankind he had to die in the Flesh in order for the Spirit to rise up to the Heavens, the Spirit then to return to the Body so as to allow the Savior of Mankind to walk the Earth, with the Physical and Spiritual Bodies acting as the whole of a Single Reality.

The Two as One being Three Times Great, the One being greater than the sum total of the two as individual Singularities.

Man’s downfall began with the death of his and her conscious mind, the separation of mind and body, Eve eating of the Tree o Knowledge good and evil,

In order for man’s Salvation to take place the Mind and Body must walk the Earth as the Whole of a Single Reality.
Nope, nondualism is fully dismissing the batshit crazy idea of there being a mind and a body. You are trying to unify them, which is why you are still caught up in dualism.

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Re: Non-Duality is terrifying

Post by Atla » January 19th, 2019, 5:55 pm

gheinz wrote:
August 16th, 2018, 5:42 am
(I am writing for the first time in an English speaking discussion forum, I hope my style is not too strange.)
Originally, I wanted to open my own thread for my thoughts here (I will do so afterwards). I have already posted in a Austrian Philosophy Forum. My wish is that my idea can spread as quickly as possible.

Now that I see someone very suffering from doubts.
I seem to be on the brink of death speaking about these troubling thoughts. For now, everything seems bearable. But I don't know where I will end up if this destroys me. Any thoughts to this?
Therefore, I will answer here first. Yes, I also had a "mystical" (from the perspective of a doubter), non-dual experience that was exceedingly clear and most pleasing.
Because non-duality is experienced, it is not known by a rational explanation.
 For a long time afterwards, I came up with the idea of ​​turning my personal experience into a generally valid (based on logic), simple thought experiment, which I believe I have succeeded in doing. I am confident that this will free you from your doubts once and for all.

The starting point for these considerations is the term "selfishness". Selfishness seems indispensable; without them, I would not even care if I'm alive or dead! The effect of selfishness consists in the delimitation; certain boundaries become meaningful to me.

Conversely, there are no meaningful boundaries without selfishness. In the state of absence of selfishness, unlimitedness is experienced.

This is already the end result of this really very simple thought experiment! All that remains is to present three examples of unlimitedness that I have experienced:

1. The limitations of my body are meaningless. My body is meaningless; the condition of my body is meaningless. In the state of selflessness, physical death has no meaning.

2. The boundary between subject and object is meaningless. The inner realm of my thoughts and the outer reality are a unity. Everything that exists is my thoughts; everything that exists is created by my thoughts.

3. My ability to change the status quo is unlimited. My personal power is bound to no limit. But since I have no doubt I do not have to check this. In the state of selflessness, I have nothing to be desired and therefore will not use my power.

Of course, there is much more to be said. But I hope that is enough to help. Maybe I will add something more here or elsewhere.
You seem to have lost it, there are no actual boundaries but that doesn't mean that the thoughts in your head have suddenly acquired unlimited magical power.

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Re: Non-Duality is terrifying

Post by cavacava » January 20th, 2019, 9:17 am

My biggest fear is knowing that everything I have experienced up until now has been an illusion. A product of the mind's intrinsic tendency to dualism. Everything seems false, nothing is real. Truth is just one. Up until now my philosophical "truths"(Or any thought of that matter) have been dualistic. So, I reach some sort of existential crisis or nihilistic crisis in nature. Not only that, but all of my dreams, hopes, my personal realizations are far from truth. Any meaning becomes meaningless. It is not worth living for something at it is just a concept, a construct of the mind that separates me and true reality. In a crude way, it is all fake. I can't even think without separation so it troubles me more.
Plato in his Cave example talks about the fate of people who can only see shadows on the wall, and not what makes those shadows. And, the Western tradition up till Kant treated representation in this manner. Kant upturned the notion that we can know things as they are, the problem is that what is must be thought, and there is no guarantee that what we think corresponds to what we perceive.

However, those so called shadows are all immediately available to us and since we cannot be mistaken in our perception of what we are seeing, smelling, touching, hearing or tasting even if it is a simulacrum, a delusion or whatever, we cannot be wrong that this is what we are experiencing.

And, in fact that's how science proceeds. It observes, and based on numerous observations it abstracts laws that attempt to account for what is perceived. The reality of the abstraction is secondary to the primary reality, which is the simulacrum.

What is empirically known is known inductively, and induction can not guarantee true knowledge, it can however provide a a very good approximation. Validity in this practical/empiric sense has greater force than abstract truth, it means we have concluded certain things about the world which we can assert with high or lower probabilities.

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