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Question 6 ~ Utter Consumption

Posted: September 12th, 2016, 4:43 pm
by Scott
This is a discussion question for the June 2016 Book of the Month, Justice by Scott Hughes.

Question 6 ~ Utter Consumption

Part 2, which follows Marcus Malley, describes at one point the story of Marcus meeting Brynn. This description includes the following paragraphs:
Scott Hughes wrote: Brynn burst into his life like a tornado of fun. The forceful winds of her presence tore away at the routine of life. Marcus smiles, remembering how he would speed home from work those first few months, so eager to meet up with Brynn, not wanting to miss a second.

He feasted on her beauty, on her playfulness, on her passion for life. This feast—this utter consumption—provided the energy to go through the motions of his daily routine.

His friends and family evolved into merely the audience to which to show off his new prize. The fact that he could snare a girl so incredible became his topmost unspoken brag.

Never, prior to her existence in his life, did he brush his teeth so thoroughly or shower so religiously. That little studio apartment on West 43rd Street had never been so clean.

He had never known such happiness.

She gave birth to him.
Can you relate to this feeling? How does it jive with the ultimate fate of their relationship and marriage? How does it compare to Prosecutor Joseph Bronson’s relationship with his wife?

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