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Re: Why Is Dishonesty so Interesting by Dan Aviely

Posted: April 21st, 2021, 7:58 am
by Sushan
Cheating, as a principle, is wrong regardless of its quantity or the scale. Politicians and similar big people steal in heaps of amounts of money while small fellows do this in the level of few dollars. Both are wrong. Yet, people argue that what happens if we steal a small amount when it is compared to the large thefts by the politicians and other higher ranked officers. So, it seems quite a question related to the opinion of people. I think many love to have, let's say, more money. So if people can get it even in a way which is not totally legit, only a person who is 100% true to his heart and his principles will reject the opportunity, but all the others will grab the chance.

As far as I believe, cheating and stealing are wrong regardless if the person who commits it and the scale of it.