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Re: Nominate books to be a philosophy book of the month

Post by Reza_asady »

I would like to nominate my own new book in philosophy of the universe. In this book I challenged some current unknown mechanisms of action we observe in the life and history and then I considered modification in our understandings about life and meaning of it. This book entitled "Circles of Reasoning" and is 75 pages and published online in Smashwords. To download and read this book search the name of the book in Smashwords Publishing.
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Re: Nominate books to be a philosophy book of the month

Post by Thinking critical »

I highly recommend the movie "I AM" it addresses the nature of man and gives an original view on what it is to exist, from the perspective of religion, philosophy and science. What may seem surprising is that all three views tie in together with very little conflict, the open minded atheist and open minded theist can all agree on a common ground. DEFINITELY WORTH A VEIW.
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Re: Nominate books to be a philosophy book of the month

Post by Granth »

Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon be Announced by the White House. By Da Free John, is my suggestion.
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Re: Nominate books to be a philosophy book of the month

Post by Hoggy »

James Herriot is one of the biggest philosophical authors of modern times.

His observations about vets translate immediately into concerns about pharmaceutical proliferation, the hegemony of science in general and the short sighted conceits of scientists. He understands science to be a profit driven form of certifiable hooliganism (represented by the two inadequtes and their humbug leader) which has declared war on time proven wisdom and will, if not confronted, be the death of us all.
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Re: Nominate books to be a philosophy book of the month

Post by ClarkeBenson »

Hello, I would recommend Ayn Rand's 'The Fountainhead' as I love the egoism she has portrayed in her lead characters.
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Re: Nominate books to be a philosophy book of the month

Post by Scott »

I just posted the topic to vote for the January 2014 book of the month.

Please continue to use this topic to post new nominations.
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Re: Nominate books to be a philosophy book of the month

Post by Calrid »

Nominating Hillary Putnam's Threefold chord, sure it's not going to change your mind but it is a good place to start in the debate about the hard problem.
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Re: Nominate books to be a philosophy book of the month

Post by Calrid »

I nominate Alice in Wonderland. No I know it's hardly new but it is a classic, it was an attack on mathematics and the certain infinite ideas. I think it is a classic and extremely insightful. Mad as a hatter I may be but no madder. Who's with me. :D
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Re: Nominate books to be a philosophy book of the month

Post by Percarus »

I nominate 'Percarus', which is a relatively unknown book only spread by word of mouth and readily obtainable free from:
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Re: Nominate books to be a philosophy book of the month

Post by Happy recluse »

I nominate: Aristotle on Practical Wisdom: Nicomachean Ethics VI by C. D. C. Reeve, Harvard University Press, 2013.
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Re: Nominate books to be a philosophy book of the month

Post by Joe_C »

The Grand Design by Stephen Hawking. He begins the book with the claim that philosophy is dead and that scientists must therefore address the deep questions previously discussed by philosophers.
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June Nomination

Post by Seahunt »

Greetings All,

May I nominate a book that has been published recently on Amazon. It is called Transition To A New Human Ecology. Its premise is that the changes we see today are actually all part of a larger change that can only be described in the general topic of Ecology, the study of how a specie survives. For humans, philosophy is a critical part of survival and we need one that can accommodate the massive changes currently effecting every aspect of human existence.

One reason it would be appropriate is that the book's foundation is that the main requirement for human survival is moral strategy, based on a basic moral philosophy. In a way, the author's initial conclusions of what that philosophy is are not as profound as the recognition that the strategies must be built upon that philosophy. The moral foundation must be fairly simple, but the strategies built upon it are more complex. More development of the philosophical element is meant for a second book.

In the Transition book though are two other huge philosophical points, each of which alone would be worth examination due to their importance and originality.

The first is an examination of what humans are as revealed by examination of genes. What is called human progress is the removal of natural selection. A biologist would call that a disaster for any specie. To solve this danger (which is becoming recognized recently because of cheap genetic sequencing) the author says that humans must change their understanding of what a human is, can be and should be. He expresses it in moral terms, because any changes like this will be judged by moral and spiritual instincts older than intellect. It should open new potentials that have been dreamed of, but never considered likely, because there are moral inhibitions. (This also has a unique statement on racism.)

The second large philosophical point follows that, because a change in a concept of what a human is changes our concept of God. We already see that change starting as religion separates further from the Monarchy that it was married to by Constantine, but that is no longer relevant in the modern world. This is not just a different concept of God than has been offered up to now, it is a radical departure based upon the new view of human genetics in the previous genetics section of the book. He mentions the limited historic philosophical view of God's existence in terms of E. Kant's view of Creation requiring a Creator, but goes in a completely different direction based on trends and human nature. His purpose of examining God though was only to examine human aspirations expressed in literature and religion so as to examine what potentials humans might be able to achieve. The author's conclusions are quite novel as far as I know (though my education is admittedly limited).

Another reason to consider this book for examination is that really, how often does someone publish a book stating that it is original philosophy and morality. I personally believe that was last done by Ayn Rand (who I think has some errors, addressed by this author by the way). The author is primarily a geneticist, but it might come as no surprise if humanity's future was greatly effected by human genetics. Still, he recognizes that the mark of humans is using learned strategies rather than instincts, so genetics is only a starting point. He has many other resources to draw upon, including cybernetics and a great deal of reading.

I think this book would be a good one for examination, because it is very up to date on rapidly changing subjects like education, emergent diseases, genetics, religion, economics and other topics. These are very fresh ideas. The weakness I see in the book is that because philosophy and morality are such controversial topics, the author has chosen to focus on new factors while avoiding topics that will set off endless argument. It seems he is saving the hot button topics for a sequel.

With due consideration may I recommend Transition To A New Human Ecology - A Philosophy For The Next 10,000 Years. I do not seem to be able to link to Amazon, but I think I can put that at Amazon you could add /dp/B00K61A64S and find it. Much of it is readable for free and if anyone requests I can put some of the relevant Genetics sections or discussion of God.

Disclaimer: I have never met the author, but I bet he is a real nice guy and I know he spent literally decades figuring this book out so if you pick on one word of my book I'm going go after you like a Honey Badger crossed with a Wolverine. :lol: Seriously, what could be cooler than an original book on philosophy from a member of this community?

A Summary:

1. The Problem - Everything is changing so fast. Until the Genetics section, the book is largely a description of human nature and ecology in classical terms of biology and history as they have been from pre-history until present. This part is necessary as it is the baseline where the changes started from, our last "stable" ecology, but is mostly background. Some of it is Anthropology, but much of this as well as the genetics section is based on the work of C. D. Darlington in his book The Evolution of Man and Society. It gives a more biological slant to the view.

2. Genetics - The Problems and Solutions. We are in a genetic crisis. This lays out some of the incredible genetic problems we have to solve to keep what we have and to adapt to a new niche we can survive in. It is the discussion about the genetic tools and strategies we can use to husband the genetic potentials of the human race, both to solve the problems we face and to adapt to what we want to become.

3. Aspirations - The Goal. The Aspirations Section discusses human aspirations as expressed in history, religion and literature. This is what we might want to accomplish with the genetic, strategic and technical tools and potentials that we have available. This is about what we have always thought about our future. It is used in the morality section to consider what actions and strategies we need to use to reach our longer term goals that we have expressed as aspirations.

4. Morality - Survival Strategies. The may learned survival strategies that humans use are called Moralities. This section discusses and categorizes characteristics of morality and how we can take advantage of the strategies that will help us grow and achieve our aspirations.

5. Conclusions - This is not about assembling information. It makes judgments. It considers how we can achieve long term survival and achieve our aspirations. This is a way to judge and develop the genetic potentials and moralities we have to work with that can serve humans in the future as our world changes. It is about how we can adapt genetically and strategically. It is about the values that will foster survival.
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Re: Nominate books to be a philosophy book of the month

Post by Stantasyland »

Here's my newly created book of quotes and thoughts. I figured I'd suggest it for book of the month. Hopefully you won't find this too forward of me. The quotes can also be found to read on my personal website, Stantasyland, along with my poetry.

It is available on Amazon. "Stantasyland: Quips, Quotes & Quandaries" by Stanley Victor Paskvich.


Stanley Victor Paskavich

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Re: Nominate books to be a philosophy book of the month

Post by Val Valiant Five »

I nominate Jiddu Krishnamurti's, Freedom From the Known.
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Re: Nominate books to be a philosophy book of the month

Post by Upsidedown_Umbrella »

An Artist of the Floating World Book by Kazuo Ishiguro

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