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Part 2 of The Runaway Species -- The Creative Mentality

Posted: January 13th, 2019, 10:06 am
by Scott
This topic is for discussing Part 2 of The Runaway Species. Please do not post in this topic unless you have read at least through Part 2 of The Runaway Species.

How did you enjoy Part 2 of the book?

I find it hard to describe what the main theme or argument of Part 2 is. How would you describe or summarize Part 2 overall?

I like this part of the book overall, but I also feel it is a bit redundant to Part 1. Both parts seemed to mainly be a series of examples of creativity, albeit many interesting examples with intelligent exploration of the patterns connecting them. I suppose in Part 1 the focus was on explaining bending, breaking, blending as the methods of creativity, and in Part 2 the other aspects of creativity and common traits in creative actions were shown, such as always tinkering (never "gluing down the pieces), appreciating error and failure, and tolerating risk.

Perhaps Part 2 is also meant to show or argue that creativity is the main driver of human progress and what makes humans unique.

One excerpt I highlighted earlier in Part 2 was this:
Thanks to the restlessness of human brains, we don't just set out to improve imperfection--we also tamper with things that seem perfect. Humans don't just break bad; we also break good. Different creators may admire or scorn the past, but they share a characteristic: they don't want to glue down the pieces.
What do you think?

Re: Part 2 of The Runaway Species -- The Creative Mentality

Posted: January 13th, 2019, 10:33 am
by Pyrrhonian
Hey guys, great points. I’m just posting to say that I’ll be jumping in for the Feb book/discussion. I didn’t even know this monthly book chat existed. Looking forward to it.