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Use this forum to discuss the June 2021 Philosophy Book of the Month Surviving the Business of Healthcare: Knowledge is Power by Barbara Galutia Regis PA-C
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Re: Healthcare as a Service vs Healthcare as a Business - Review

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ReaderAisha2020 wrote: June 7th, 2021, 4:21 pm
Sushan wrote: June 3rd, 2021, 11:43 am
Akgreat82 wrote: June 3rd, 2021, 7:20 am Healthcarel profession renders services that directly impact on human well-being, it's a profession that demands sound ethical practice because it's deals with human lives and those in the profession are expected to seen genuinely caring for their customers.

Be that as it may, there is also the need for the healthcare professionals to be adequately taken care of, so there a thing line between healthcare as a service and it being a business outfit.
I agree. There are rules and regulations as well as ethical practices that are related to medical services not only because it is a noble service, but also because it deals with human lives and emotions. But at most occasions people do not think about this service provider. How hard he has to work, how difficult it is to spend sleepless nights, how difficult it is to be without food and water not because of anything but of lack of time. So it is of utmost importance to take care of the service providers for the continuation of the services in a good standard.
I thought that was a good point. We forget how hard doctors have to work and how they sacrifice their lives and time for the health and benefit of others. Perhaps the author is an example of that herself. She says that she did not have the time to check up on herself and she now has cancer. We also hear many stories about people catching coronovirus from patients and dying or being severely effected. Therefore, there are people who make a business out of healthcare, but there are probably many sincere doctor s and others who sincerely want to save and benefit the lives of people, even putting others before themselves
That is an oversimplified false dichotomy. Since it is possible to do well financially while practicing good medicine on patients they truly care about, many if not most do so. True, fraudsters grab headlines, but you can't sell newspapers describing the norm.
"As usual... it depends."
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Re: Surviving the Business of Healthcare - Reviews

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As a caregiver to elderly parents who both suffer from dementia, I appreciated the chapter on Elder Abuse. The book is an eye-opener. It certainly raises a lot of questions about why things are the way there are in the country. It's unfortunate that something as important as healthcare has been taken over by capitalists who want to squeeze as much as they can get from people. It pays to be vigilant and informed. Good book.
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Re: My review about Surviving the Business of Healthcare

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I think is a good book A wonderful story about a cancer patient who is challenged to face the routine of hospital work with the help of a medical practitioner, with a wonderful combination of being able to face life's challenges with a determination to survive, showing the good that is still in the hearts of human beings, and showing that the world is still full of wonderful people who are always ready to help us A very wonderful story , the author excelled in presenting a beautiful blend of human feelings that have been absent for a long time, in a book that is smooth, simple and interesting to the reader.good book I love it,I have a note on the writer that her writing did not arouse the curiosity of all readers, but was limited to her country because she is trying to change the medical system in her country
and that not attract most readers, despite the fascinating story and human sentiments within it, because it objects to a system within a particular state in the author's country, which may not impress the readers or arouse their curiosity, but the whole story is first-class humanitarian.Iam rating it 4 out of 4 star⭐⭐⭐⭐ :lol:
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Healthcare has changed immensely over the past few generations—house calls from a local family doctor are a thing of the past, and the deeply personal relationships and bonds between provider and patient are eroding with the demands of for-profit insurance. As a family practitioner focused on cradle-to-grave care, author Barb Regis has a valuable perspective on how patients can experience better outcomes. Topics addressed in this information-packed book include how to choose a primary care physician, how to plan for catastrophic healthcare costs, how to comparison shop for medication, and how to be an effective advocate for yourself and loved ones. As the daughter of a busy family doctor, Barb also shares vivid anecdotes from her childhood which illuminate the heart of a doctor’s calling and demonstrate how insurance can dictate and interfere with quality of care. This book is a must-read for everyone who wants to make informed, effective decisions about healthcare—knowledge is power!
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Re: Surviving the Business of Healthcare - Reviews

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Surviving the Business of Health Care, reads more like a memoir wherein the author, Barbara Regis, a physician's assistant attempts to familiarise us with the present day healthcare system through a narrative of medical facts interspersed with patient anecdotes . Taking us back and forth through her father's practice she highlights the legal and administrative complexities that have cropped up over time in medical practice.

The book, also gives readers an overview of every minute financial aspect of healthcare from seeking insurance coverage to investing in stocks of healthcare oriented compensation. But at no point, do you feel overwhelmed by the information provided as it has been written in a simple, succinct and direct manner.

A particularly sensitive and empathetic section included in the book is, the one in which she has used her professional insights to suggest certain hacks by which patients can afford efficient yet cost-effective medical care. Considering that seeking medical services is often financially stressful to many families, these tips would definitely prove useful to many.

I would recommend this book to anyone, who sees themselves becoming a part of the healthcare industry or to anyone, who is worried about how they will be able to deal with a healthcare crisis in their family circle. This book will leave you empowered to ensure you seek only the best of medical services for yourself and others in the future.
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