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Use this forum to discuss the June 2021 Philosophy Book of the Month Surviving the Business of Healthcare: Knowledge is Power by Barbara Galutia Regis PA-C
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Surviving the Business of Healthcare: Knowledge is Power by Barbara Galutia Regis PA-C review

Post by rosehamilton »

“Surviving the Business of Healthcare” is written from the perspective of Physician Assistant (PA), Barbara Galutia Regis. As a 4th generation family practice provider she brings her unique insight and knowledge about the healthcare industry, using this platform to clear up common misconceptions and educate the public. Her goal with this book is to help patients make informed and effective decisions about their healthcare.

The book is a quick and easy read considering the subject matter. Regis breaks down several topics into short 2-3-page chapters making it easy to reference without getting bogged down in too much medical/healthcare terminology. While I can appreciate this big-picture approach, there were several topics that left me with more questions than answers, and I personally would have enjoyed a more drilled-down presentation. That said, the questions incited by this reading will definitely provide a good conversation outline for the next visit to one’s healthcare provider.

There were several chapters that spoke to me directly, I’ll just highlight a couple for the purpose of this review. Chapter 10 – Protecting Our Loved Ones: Elder Abuse left a mark on my heart. You just don’t want to believe there are people out there that take advantage of those who can’t protect themselves. It serves as a reminder to be ever diligent and aware when it comes to our loved ones. Chapter 17: Prescription and Non-Prescription Medications and Supplements: It Pays to Shop was an eye-opener, reminding readers that you can still ask for a paper prescription – you don’t have to fill your medication where your provider wants you to fill it. Also, it’s worth the slight inconvenience of the time it might take to shop around for the best price – some of the examples cited by the author were astounding!

“Surviving the Business of Healthcare” reads a lot like a memoir, the first several chapters are all about the author and her journey to becoming the type of person and healthcare professional she is today. Her passion and personality shine through every page. The down-to-earth writing style, the reminiscing of days gone by, the admiration for her father and others in the field -- readers will feel like they know the author and are on a first name basis with “Barbara” by the end of the book. To add to the nostalgic tone, at the end of many chapters there is a short section called, “A glimpse into our not-so-sleepy town…,” in which the author shares a bit of history about the quaint Pennsylvania town of her childhood.

Overall, I found “Surviving the Business of Healthcare” by Barbara Galutia Regis an enlightening book about several need-to-know issues surrounding healthcare, and an inspirational story about one woman’s journey in the world of healthcare.
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Re: Review of Surviving the Business of Healthcare

Post by PS123456 »

This book has valuable insights on how to navigate the healthcare system in the U.S. The author compiles, for the most part, tips and information, regarding shopping for health insurance, healthcare providers, and prescription medications, in a lucid and easy to understand language. There is some medical jargon, and acronyms, that are a tad bit challenging to navigate though. For me, SSRI was one such acronym. I had to pause reading and look this one up. However, for someone who has been involved with the field of medicine for as long as the author has, I suppose medical jargon and acronyms is the natural go-to language.

Overall, the book is extremely informative. However, I was a little distracted by the author going back and forth between her past experiences, her current knowledge, and historical facts.
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Re: Surviving the Business of Healthcare - Reviews

Post by Valsphilclub »

I found "Surviving the Business of Healthcare" to be a quick and informative insider's view of the healthcare industry over the last few decades. The author has seen the increase of costs for patients and increased profits for insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies. This led me to thinking how cost driven healthcare really is and are we truly getting the best care for the money we pay. There were so many issues brought up in this book, which could certainly lead to another book by the author. The author was good about emphasizing to be your own advocate. However, what about those unable to fend for themselves?
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Review of Surviving the Business of Healthcare

Post by samsoomadi23 »

Barbara Galutia Regis' Surviving the Business of Healthcare is an excellent piece on the complex and ever-changing business of healthcare. The author, being a family practice provider with an individual awareness of the world of healthcare, sheds light on the questions and uncertainty surrounding this topic. Among the several aspects of healthcare covered are care providers, Obama Care, and medication/prescriptions.

What I liked about this book is that the author brings her own insight into her explanations of various subjects, so that you know that you are being informed by a qualified professional. It is also a great alternative to the heavy and lengthy hardcover healthcare books that are a pain to read. This book is a light, quick, and incredibly simple read that leaves a tremendously helpful amount of information at your disposal. I have personally uncovered so much information I had not known prior. For example: Chapter 10 on Elder Abuse was an eye-opening and heart-wrenching look into how our parents and grandparents might be treated within the health care system without our knowledge.

It is relatively easy to point out the negative aspects and inaccuracies in the majority of books, however, I could not find a significant flaw that put me off this book. It is as perfect and helpful as any informational guide could get.

I would rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. I could have predicted that I would give the book this high of a rating fairly early into the book. This is because of the fact that the most essential questions any individual, including myself, curious about the health care system has, was covered very well and sank in very quickly into my mind. It was also quite interesting to learn about the author's life early into the book.

I would recommend this book to all. Not just those who have been in-and-out of hospitals, have had bed-ridden relatives, or those with illnesses requiring frequent medical visits and special attention from the healthcare system. I say this because every individual is bound to land in the hands of this system, whether it be sooner than they think or later into their lives. Those with no prior interest of the business of health care will be drawn into this book by Barbara Galutia Regis' passion and drive to inform the masses about the topics that fly over our heads every so often.
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Re: Review of Surviving the Business of Healthcare

Post by LuckyR »

KP1728 wrote: June 6th, 2021, 3:33 pm This book serves as a great guide to the inside world of healthcare and the medical community. Dr. Regis details her story of going from doctor to cancer patient. The book explains the loopholes in the healthcare industry and the changing dynamic of putting profits over people. Dr. Regis tells of her childhood growing up in a small town with doctors in her family spanning generations.

Dr. Regis also gives insight into the patient-doctor relationship to ensure the best care for the patient. In the book, it gives an overview of some ways to save money, either through shopping around for cheaper prescriptions or through health insurance without sacrificing your health and well-being. It also details how you have to be your own best advocate and get several opinions because no one knows your body better than you.

Surviving the business of healthcare is a great guide to understand the basics of the healthcare industry. From picking your team of healthcare professionals, saving on prescriptions and health insurance, advocating for your health and more. If you feel overwhelmed about certain aspects centered around your health, this book may answer several of your questions.

Uummm...not a doctor. Did you even read the book?
"As usual... it depends."
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An informative read which provides the right guidance to access the best healthcare options

Post by Strangeminds »

The book 'Surviving the Business of Healthcare' by Barbara Galutia Regis is a book which gives you the right guidance in accessing healthcare. She has brilliantly brought out the differences between the traditional healthcare system which was service oriented and the modern healthcare system which is profit oriented. It also gives the readers appropriate information on how to choose the best healthcare options when in crisis.

Did you read the book yet?? Please share your opinions on the book down below.
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explains really good details on this topic

Post by Himanshu17 »

This book is a quick, easy read that is great for anybody who has lingering questions about the current and evolving world of healthcare.

Author is weaving her family history and childhood memories of her dad’s medical practice enhances the story of her passion for her work. Barb also shares vivid anecdotes from her childhood which illuminate the heart of a doctor’s calling and demonstrate how insurance can dictate and interfere with quality of care.

Barb Regis knows exactly what it is like on both ends of the treatment team, patient and provider, and is here to help give YOU the information you need to know to take control of your own health. The book is very versatile and very informative.

Author explains really good details on this topic
i must say author had done great job by researching deeply and covering such topic intelligently.The suggestions for promoting communication were wonderful. The Goldilocks effect and more such concepts were easily understandable.Each chapter is beautiful and impactful. The simple words makes it easy for the reader to understand. The book captured variety of knowledge.

Truly an interesting and informative book to read.
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Surviving the Business of Healthcare review

Post by scorpioangel2018 »

This was a very knowledgeable book! I have enjoyed reading this. I have often had to take care of elder loved ones who were sick and in a lot of pain. This book is a great guide to guide me through making it a little easier to help them so that we both can feel more comfortable and safe. There are tons of great tips and information. Reading this book has put my mind at ease and made me feel more confident moving forward. I liked how straight forward it was to read and was not confusing in any way. I liked how it was a guide to making healthier and better decisions for loved ones in need. This book can give more of an understanding and I am glad I had the opportunity to read it.
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My review about Surviving the Business of Healthcare

Post by Yasmine ibrahim 1 »

A wonderful story about a cancer patient who is challenged to face the routine of hospital work with the help of a medical practitioner, with a wonderful combination of being able to face life's challenges with a determination to survive, showing the good that is still in the hearts of human beings, and showing that the world is still full of wonderful people who are always ready to help us A very wonderful story , the author excelled in presenting a beautiful blend of human feelings that have been absent for a long time, in a book that is smooth, simple and interesting to the reader.
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Re: Surviving the Business of Healthcare - Reviews

Post by Kinizle »

As a healthcare professional myself, I think this book is spot on. This book gives you tools to help you know what to look for and what to pay attention to. The medical field is a big beast and being a patient makes it seem even scarier. But this book helps you get armed to protect yourself and your loved ones. It helps you prepare. I have recommended this book to family members!
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Useful for a New Healthcare User

Post by repusj »

Fortunately, I have not had to deal with the healthcare system too much. The few experiences I have had were quite disappointing, therefore I never sought out a primary care physician in adulthood. Due to my lack of experience and idealistic view of the world, I have not had to learn the lessons from this book about being your own advocate, double checking medications, insurance coverage, et cetera.

I am now a 31 year old woman learning these lessons as I deal with some health issues and this book is useful for someone like me who has not had to think about these issues before. As disheartening as it is to not be able to sit back and focus on healing this is the way of the world and this book has given me a kick in the butt to be a more active player when dealing with the healthcare system.
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Re: Surviving the Business of Healthcare - Reviews

Post by bteri03 »

This book is a quick read and presents a primary care giver’s assessment of the issues with America’s healthcare industry. The author gives advice on how patients and their families can deal with healthcare industry (healthcare providers, insurance companies, & pharmacies.)

The author encourages patients to have frank discussions with their healthcare providers and gives advice for how to do it. Also, potential solutions to improve the American healthcare system are presented in this book.
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Reading this book while in the hospital

Post by BookBear1 »

Reading this book while in the hospital gave me a new perspective. I found it very helpful.
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Re: Surviving the Business of Healthcare - Reviews

Post by merymac »

This book was good. It gives you help on what to look for and pay attention to. It opened my eyes to stuff I never really thought about. I take care of my Mom who will be 80 next yr….and after reading this book… which gave me some things I should do like speaking frankly to her dr…asking questions of the insurance companies etc…both things I am going to do. Healthcare is a mess…esp for our seniors…and that’s sad. I’m going to have my Mom read this book too…I found it very helpful.
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Re: Healthcare as a Service vs Healthcare as a Business - Review

Post by ReaderAisha2020 »

Sushan wrote: June 3rd, 2021, 11:43 am
Akgreat82 wrote: June 3rd, 2021, 7:20 am Healthcarel profession renders services that directly impact on human well-being, it's a profession that demands sound ethical practice because it's deals with human lives and those in the profession are expected to seen genuinely caring for their customers.

Be that as it may, there is also the need for the healthcare professionals to be adequately taken care of, so there a thing line between healthcare as a service and it being a business outfit.
I agree. There are rules and regulations as well as ethical practices that are related to medical services not only because it is a noble service, but also because it deals with human lives and emotions. But at most occasions people do not think about this service provider. How hard he has to work, how difficult it is to spend sleepless nights, how difficult it is to be without food and water not because of anything but of lack of time. So it is of utmost importance to take care of the service providers for the continuation of the services in a good standard.
I thought that was a good point. We forget how hard doctors have to work and how they sacrifice their lives and time for the health and benefit of others. Perhaps the author is an example of that herself. She says that she did not have the time to check up on herself and she now has cancer. We also hear many stories about people catching coronovirus from patients and dying or being severely effected. Therefore, there are people who make a business out of healthcare, but there are probably many sincere doctor s and others who sincerely want to save and benefit the lives of people, even putting others before themselves
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