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Occams razor=Athiesm is the most logical view of the world?

Discuss philosophical questions regarding theism (and atheism), and discuss religion as it relates to philosophy. This includes any philosophical discussions that happen to be about god, gods, or a 'higher power' or the belief of them. This also generally includes philosophical topics about organized or ritualistic mysticism or about organized, common or ritualistic beliefs in the existence of supernatural phenomenon.
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Re: Occams razor=Athiesm is the most logical view of the wor

Post by Eduk » August 3rd, 2017, 9:44 am

It is a pretty good point actually. Supernatural means false. It means magic. It means something which is not true. If you say a claim is supernatural you are immediately saying the claim is not true. Naturally this would lead to some bias. Equally naturally is something which was claimed to be supernatural that was proven would immediately not be supernatural.
I can't think of anything which has been claimed to be supernatural which later turned out not to be though?
But yes if you say a. is true because magic then there is no reasonable reason to take a. seriously on those grounds alone.
Unknown means unknown.

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Re: Occams razor=Athiesm is the most logical view of the wor

Post by Ranvier » August 3rd, 2017, 3:47 pm

If we go with the definition of "supernatural" as something that doesn't obey natural laws, then we have to explain "tunneling", the results of "double slit experiment", or "quantum entanglement". There is or will be a scientific explanation for all such phenomena sooner or later, hence the word "supernatural" becomes meaningless in such definition.

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In other words, we assume that anything we observe is "natural"

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Except perhaps human behavior... :)

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