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Jordan Peterson's "secular theology"

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Re: Jordan Peterson's "secular theology"

Post by Papus79 » October 3rd, 2018, 7:42 am

On something of an interesting side note someone posted this on Facebook and it caught my attention, ie. a somewhat subtle chastising of Peterson in favor of John Gray's approach to many of the same critiques with less reliance upon generating a pivotal archetypal enemy like the 'postmodernist neo-Marxists'. ... -peterson/#!

I think what Peterson did was shook a lot of people awake who were missing/sleeping on very important insights about our culture and deeper psychology, but I'd also agree that more thinkers of his quality and higher need to now hash it out with him and with the public, help continue to breath higher IQ into the room of public space. This author seems to think John Gray is a great person to do that (albeit he admits John shies away from the limelight), I would agree at least that these ideas are coming in very hot and unfiltered still and have a while to bake before the public consciousness of the matures.

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