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Re: Spaceship OnlinePhilosophyClub

Posted: August 10th, 2017, 4:30 pm
by Ranvier
I can't believe that I did not notice this thread before... this is definitely a kind of scenario that triggers my imagination. Although at unset I'm worried that everyone is a it becomes an immediate problem in the light of contradiction with "every field" has been represented on the new planet. Unless you meant "philosopher" as free thinker who enjoys such scenarios.

Day one.
I would be the first one to say: everyone lets get in the circle to discuss our situation and how we should proceed, at the least to count how many people we have in case someone goes missing. Majority of people would find such reasoning valid to gather in a circle. However, as seen in previous posts, some people will immediately wander off to do something else but eventually they would come back with useful information about the environment. Those in the circle, would try to establish immediate priorities for survival: can the spaceship be salvaged as a temporary shelter? Sources of water and food for the immediate future. What kind of resources and tools are at our disposal. Most people would try to cooperate with the "circle" as the logical and pragmatic chain of events, while more individualistic introverts would seek freedom to establish their own strength in accordance to their skills within the new environment. People would begin to get to know each other through the immediate actions of all of those around. Small groups would form based on such actions recognized as mutual interests. Some people would take advantage in the lack of organization in search for means to gain advantage over the rest of the "colony". All this would be playing out until the presumed nightfall or time to rest.

Day two...