Thoughts about philosophical anarchism

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Thoughts about philosophical anarchism

Post by subatomic »

Based on my interpretation, philosophical anarchism is to achieve a stateless society where people have moral perfection (through education). But wouldn't this require a universal and standard moral understanding? And in order to make sure everyone has the same morals, wouldn't they have to create a standardized educational system and force everyone to think the same way? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of anarchism, since you would have to establish institutions and abolish freedom to achieve that?

Also, this isn't really related to the topic but I have a quick question: What is the difference between anarcho-communism, mutualism, and anarcho-syndicalism? Thanks!
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Re: Thoughts about philosophical anarchism

Post by Scott »

subatomic wrote: May 2nd, 2021, 8:24 am Based on my interpretation, philosophical anarchism is to achieve a stateless society where people have moral perfection (through education).
I don't believe philosophical anarchism entails any moral philosophy at all.

Moral perfectionism might be a much better term for what you are describing.

Amoralism may be a closer analogue for philosophical anarchism, but almost any moral philosophy would be compatible with philosophical anarchism, since the latter is a political philosophy not a moral philosophy. For instance, there are many Christian anarchists who believe things like homosexuality are 'immoral'/'sinful' but who do not support using a centralized state to violently force people ti not have homosexual sex or to otherwise not do things they consider 'immoral'/'sinful'. I don't personally think homosexuality--or anything--is sinful, but point out this view that some people have as an example of the difference between thinking a behavior is immoral versus wanting to use violence to stop people from engaging in the behavior.

In other words, an anarchist society is not a society in which nobody does (allegedly) immoral things, nor is it one in which everyone shares the same religion or same moral superstitions.

Instead, anarchism represents the wisdom of Evelyn Beatrice Hall, but extrapolated to all peaceful behaviors not merely speech: "I disapprove of what you say [or peacefully do], but I will defend to the death your right to say [or do] it."
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