What is Philosophy of Politics?

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What is Philosophy of Politics?

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An alien tourist is curious about human beings. "It is not a bird. Why? Because human does not fly." After a hundred such answers, the alien is prone to say: Never mind.

I would not exhaust you with such exercise in frustration. I shall make it easier for you, and easier for me, to read your reply. The titled question will be posed directly: What is?

As intellectual discourse, Philosophy and Politics are different fields. Can you muddle the two, and if so how do you tell the sizzle from the beef, let alone asking which is more important? What about Politics of Philosophy, assuming such term also exists side by side. Is it duplication, or another kettle of fish? i dare you attempt to clear the mess.

I would put it this way, if to avoid getting trapped with no escape. Philosophy of Politics is no more than serious thoughts on Politics. First of all, it is on Politics, not on philosophy. Secondly, it must be serious, or very serious. As some of you have suggested: Philosophy is big deal. Emphasize: very serious. No gimmick, no argument for argument's sake, no beauty contest, no attraction of eyeballs or likes, no entertainment. Accidental entertainment? Accepted. Now keep focused.

In this respect, philosophy is taken outside its field, like that alien tourist. Thank you for coming, and thank you for your enlightenment. We exchange and we cross-pollinate, even as you are in my field. You can serve as my guest, my moderator, my spectator, or even my mentor, but I am the one on the stage.

What is politics? What is philosophy? I hope someone would raise such new topics soon, or i can do it, when i am ready.
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Re: What is Philosophy of Politics?

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Philosophy is like science in that it's a methodological approach (philosophy and science simply have different methodological approaches) to examine any phenomena whatsoever that occur.

So philosophy of x, for any x, is simply applying the methodological approach of philosophy to an examination of x, whatever x is, and x could be anything. What is the methodological approach of philosophy? Well, philosophy, in general was well-summed up by Wilfrid Sellars: "The aim of philosophy, abstractly formulated, is to understand how things in the broadest possible sense of the term hang together in the broadest possible sense of the term." Philosophy does this via reasoning and logic, at least sometimes informed by observations, in the realms of ontology, epistemology, ethics, and so on.

We can engage in this while looking at politics, political phenomena, political beliefs, etc. just as well as we can with any other phenomena in the world.

That's what philosophy of politics is.
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