The limits of conciousness and the universe

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The limits of conciousness and the universe

Post by Ginkgo » May 21st, 2020, 5:49 pm

If we think about it, consciousness resides in everything. The laws of the universe itself state that from an input comes an output. Still, conciousness is gradual, and the more complex, the more beautiful. A crystal can be beautiful, but a mind is much more.

I haven’t really grasped this concept of beauty yet. I use this word to describe the tendency towards the principle of unity. But if unity were to be entropy, life forms would go against it. So I thought that life forms got away from it, but once a certain intellect was achieved, they can go back and reconcile.

Still, that would mean that by bringing destruction to the world, we would be actually bringing salvation. That doesn’t feel right. Probably because I never let go of my selfish values and ideals. Maybe that is preventing me from achieving perfect unity. Maybe. Or maybe not. Because I want to take that step along with the whole me. And it is not selflessness, it is wholeness.

Then I was thinking how, once you realize you are the wheel, it is when you can see that the only “meaning” (another concept that has transcended) can be found when making it spin. If present, past and future are actually the same, a spin of the wheel, it is still our choice to make it roll and decide all of it, just as it decides us. We are free, but we are prisoners till we let go, and then become truly free.

That is why my ideals match with this definition. Even if humanity goes extinct, the wheel will keep on spinning. But humanity’s consciousness has the power to make it spin AND to see how it spins. That is why I think it is so important to live in accordance with unity (spin) and to learn more about everything (see how it spins).

What’s more, humanity has the power to add to that wheel. Imagination, new worlds (I was thinking about parallel worlds, and realized that they still belong to the all, that the all is the link between everything, the only pillar. Or at least, they would as long as our mind prevent us from imagining something else. Would it be possible to imagine a reality that’s not part of the whole? Maybe it is impossible from the inside, as you are already part of it. But there may be a way. If true, it would distort reality. What would happen then? There are so many questions, and so many facts I yet have to learn. Even if my life ends soon or later, I know it will be plein. With courage, reason and love, I will spin, we will spin.

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Re: The limits of conciousness and the universe

Post by Steve3007 » May 23rd, 2020, 5:57 am

Hi Ginkgo.

After you wrote your OP, did you have in mind anything that anybody might say in response to it?

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