How I sometimes get creative ideas

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How I sometimes get creative ideas

Post by ham-coach »

When I drink coffee, I get the craziest ideas. Let me tell you about that:

A few hundred meters from our apartment, there is a bakery where it is possible to drink coffee. Normally, I work by myself in my own office. So I am happy to leave the apartment or my office and drink a cup of coffee in the bakery. This is quite pleasant. Part of the pleasantness is that the coffee in the bakery tastes so well.

With regards to new ideas, the process is as follows:
On the way to the bakery, I don't get any ideas. On the way, I observe the world around me for a while. During the rest of the time, I listen to my own inner voice. And I can't wait to find out what it will tell me.

In the bakery, while I am drinking my coffee, I get some kind of an important idea, which I write down. I always write down any idea no matter how unimportant it is.
Often, I spent the entire time writing. At the same time, I notice that the coffee tastes very very good and that that is something worth noting.

On the way home, I don't get any ideas. I tell myself: That's just the way it is.
While I am walking, I get some great idea.

Several factors contribute to the formation of a new idea:

The factor of time
Drinking coffee is a relaxing activity. I take time for that. I even take time to walk slowly, and to observe everything around me. As if with new eyes.
Time is one of the hot buttons of creativity!

Contact with the unconscious mind
Our unconsciousness is the center of our wishes. When we do pleasant things, then we come somewhat closer to our unconscious mind.
In this short story, several things happen which are quite pleasant for me:
Even the fact that I take time is very pleasant. Otherwise, I am busy with professional responsibilities
Walking is pleasant
The coffee taste very good and smells good
It is also pleasant to leave my own four walls and to experience something different
Why does that facilitate creativity? Because the unconscious mind is the source which stimulates or enables all creativity!

When a person drinks, the body is in a state of flux. Bodily processes begin to flow.
People are basically very simple. Flowing is flowing! When bodily processes begin to flow, then thoughts also begin to flow.

In the bakery, I write down any thoughts I have. It doesn't matter what those thoughts are or how important they are!
However, this writing down is a very important -- for several reasons:
Basically, I would like to simply stand there and drink my coffee. But no, it is important to write these thoughts down! For that, I sacrifice the most pleasant minutes of my day. That means: I take myself and my thoughts seriously!
By writing down my thoughts, I stimulates my thinking in a very general way. It doesn't matter what these thoughts are. By writing them down, my thinking begins to flow.
This flowing also allows me to come up with brilliant ideas.

Letting go
I tell myself many times, I guess I'm not going to get any ideas today. Then, I am disappointed. But there's no sense in forcing brilliant ideas.
That means: I do not put myself under pressure. Any pressure to perform counteracts creativity.
Creativity can only occur when there's no pressure. That is important!
When I do not apply pressure, then I can be creative. I let myself go. And I tell myself, it doesn't matter if I don't get any ideas. That's okay.
That's when I get most of my ideas.

I always get ideas, I am always creative. I don't have to worry about that. That is a self-fulfilling prophecy. That is powerful!
Because I know that I will think of something creative -- that's why I will think of something. That is fantastic.
It's probably this way: because I am so confident, I do not apply pressure to myself. Then the creativity can flow -- and then it does flow (see above on flowing).

Exercise facilitates creativity. There are several reasons for that:
When I move around freely, then I have time, then I am taking time. And taking time is a hot button of creativity. (See above comments on the factor of time)
When I move around, then I begin a simple process of flowing. I get my circulation going. This flowing facilitates creativity very much. (See above comments on Flowing)
Exercise is always a pleasant activity. (See above comments on contact with the unconscious mind)
when I move around freely, then I see my surroundings more intensively and alertly. When I do this in my time off, then this process is even more intensive.
Then sometimes I am suddenly curious. Sometimes, I noticed things that were always there. And I am astonished about everyday things. These are two aspects of the triad. (See the comments below)

My bag of tricks: the triad
I must admit: I have a few tricks up my sleeves. These tricks are called the triad. I have invented this triad myself, which has the following three aspects:
sense of wonder

I experience and again and again: When one applies these habits, one will almost always be creative.
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Re: How I sometimes get creative ideas

Post by Belindi »

My guess is that you are more creative when you are not deliberately focusing your attention . When you leave the confines of your work place and walk out of doors and sit relaxed drinking your coffee your mind is unfocused so unwilled ideas can occur.
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Re: How I sometimes get creative ideas

Post by Fellowmater »

How I generate ideas:

Engage in Observation Sessions.
Socialize Outside Your Normal Circles.
Read More Books.
Randomly Surf the Web.
Keep a Regular Journal.
Use Structured Exercises.
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