Elemental philosophy, on teaching philosophy to kids, from protophilosophy upwards

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Elemental philosophy, on teaching philosophy to kids, from protophilosophy upwards

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Philosophy 101 reminds us that Thales believed the arge was water, Heraclitus believed it was fire, Anaximenes believed it was air, no one believed it was earth but the Parmenidian weltanschaung (forgive me if I mispelled it) could fit earth as Parmenides' arge, Empedocles believed air, water, fire and earth were the four building elements of reality... I've done the stretch to assign philosophers to wood and metal (oriental substitutes for air) but I am having trouble summarizing Anaximenes as a philosopher whose school of thought was worthwhile, I will be working on using elemental superheroes to teach ancient philosophy but I am far away from my university's books and hoped I could get assistance from people that have studied philosophy, even better if unlike me they did graduate from it. I am facing Thales at the moment. So just to begin, what about Anaximenes and Thales would you teach to kids? and how? (by the way, hi, I am new to these forums as you may have noticed, I googled for philosophy forums and found this one and the philosophy forum but the format of this forum reminded me of dragonsfoot where ad&d is discussed so I let my worrying about philosophasters and ventured in with this question, I also abandoned my fears that sharing my project may lead to copycats, after all, its how i handle the project what should mak it unique, hope I find the level and answers I am looking for).
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