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Volunteer Queue Moderators Wanted

Here is the place for your suggestions, comments, or questions regarding the Philosophy Forums.
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Re: Volunteer Queue Moderators Wanted

Post by Ami » October 13th, 2014, 3:49 am

Sign me up!
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Spiral Out
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Re: Volunteer Queue Moderators Wanted

Post by Spiral Out » October 18th, 2014, 12:47 pm

Could we get an overview of the expectations, duties and responsibilities of Queue Mods?
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Re: Volunteer Queue Moderators Wanted

Post by Scott » October 18th, 2014, 6:57 pm

Spiral Out wrote:Could we get an overview of the expectations, duties and responsibilities of Queue Mods?

The Queue Mods can look through the posts that are pending in the queue and approve or disapprove them based on whether they adhere to the forum rules. That's about it. When the Queue Mod disapprove a post, the email notification to the poster automatically includes a copy of the post for reference and so the poster can make the needed edits and re-post.

There is no strict expectation about how many posts the Queue Mod will review per visit or how many visits they will make. But I suppose there is an expectation that as a Queue Mod one will chip away a little bit at the queue each time they use the site or once a day, whichever is less.
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Re: Volunteer Queue Moderators Wanted

Post by Roel » December 23rd, 2014, 3:20 pm

Empiricist-Bruno wrote:Scott, one of the rules of this forum is to read all the posts in a thread before making one’s post. Now as a queue moderator, I may not have the interest in reading a long series of posts in a thread of no interest to me just to make sure that the new person who posts appears to have done that himself/herself. This means I may not want to moderate some new person's posts depending on the length of the thread in which that person posts. For this reason, would it be a good idea to tell new bloggers to try to make their comments on threads that have few posts? Or should Queue Moderators simply omit this one rule? Also, how tough are moderators supposed to be? For instance, if I hadn't capitalized Queue Moderators in the text that I just wrote, could I still let this pass? Some grammar rules aren't always picked-up by a spell check. Should I delete a post for that reason, even if the rest seems perfect? Am I required to use my own judgement on this?
I think that as a queue moderator we should not accept posts with a lot of grammar mistakes, just because we think that it's sad for the person if his or her topic get's disapproved. There is no problem at all if your topic get's disapproved, my topics sometimes get disapproved too, the thing is correcting your disapproved topic if it's because of your grammar etc. Therefore I always add some hints about things to improve in a post when I reject a topic. I think however that rejecting a post because of forgetting capitals in "queue moderator" is a bit too much. I accepted a post in which I found 1 typo, because all the rest was perfect grammar and I don't see how you contribute as a moderator if you start to reject all topics in which 1 word is misspelled because of a typo, that looks more like nitpicking and not like moderating. It's a different case however if a topic is full of typos. So yes, you should look for a good balance in my opinion.

As for grammar, it depends on the kind of mistakes.

1. The man tried to do that itself. <== I wouldn't accept this kind of grammar mistakes
2. I have been working lot. <== Not accepted, because it's distracting for readers to have these kinds of mistakes. This is not 4chan

I have tried to think of an example of a grammar mistake which I would accept, but I think that every grammar mistake is either distracting for a reader, or doesn't add to the comprehensibility of a text, so in my opinion, unlike typos, grammar mistakes can't really be accepted as a moderator if:

1. they cause confusion 2. they distract the reader 3. they make this forum read like a forum where you can use the same language which you use at your mobile phone

If you don't want to read too long posts, you can decide to let other moderators do that. You aren't doing it on your own and you can let another moderator like me do the long posts for you, I have no problem at all with reading long posts. But if I have read about 3 or 4 paragraphs, I only scan the rest of the text as, if he would use bad grammar or spelling, that would have already been clear in the first 3 or 4 paragraphs. Of course I scan the text and re-read it quickly, as you can never be totally sure.
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