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Here is the place for your suggestions, comments, or questions regarding the Philosophy Forums.
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Post by 3p1cd3m0n » December 4th, 2014, 9:51 pm

Just my 2 cents: I find it irritating that one must get one's topic approved before having it posted, as it just slows the process down. Additionally, the requirement to proofread posts is just irritating. On other sites like Philosophy forums, posts aren't required to be proofread, yet I've never seen issues about it on the sire. I know these issues are small, but it makes the site feel a bit overly authoritarian.

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Re: Feedback

Post by Scott » December 6th, 2014, 12:46 am

I appreciate your feedback.

I have noticed a great improvement of the quality of the new topics and the ensuing discussion since the change to have new topics held in the queue. It has also reduced the workload on the moderator team because going back and trying to moderator or repair a topic that was started with a poor OP is a lot more work than disapproving it before the topic starts.

As far as "other sites", I am not interested in providing what other sites already provide. This site is meant to be something different, something unique.
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Re: Feedback

Post by Jamesjogi08 » April 14th, 2015, 1:47 am

This will require the site to be offline for at least a few hours, which should occur around Monday evening....!!!

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