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Please, someone, tell me how to use {br][/br].*

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Please, someone, tell me how to use {br][/br].*

Post by Pachomius » January 12th, 2015, 12:55 am

* The { is intentionally used instead of [ to forestall the [ from doing 'mischief'.

Please, someone, tell me how to use {br][/br]*.

You see, to make a line break I just press the enter key of my keyboard; but in this forum it does not come out that way, namely, a new line after a paragraph break is effected.

To effect that I have to press the enter key of my keyboard twice, but then the effect is that an empty line space is introduced, which I am not interested to effect.

I thought that {br][/br]* is the code to effect what my enter key in my keyboard effects; but to date after hours of trials and errors, I have not yet succeeded to use it as to effect a line break like I effect with pressing the enter key of my keyboard.

Someone more knowledgeable and experienced, please help!

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Re: Please, someone, tell me how to use {br][/br].*

Post by Scott » January 13th, 2015, 1:48 am

I am not sure why you are having trouble using the code:

Code: Select all

It should create a linebreak if written like that above. It will not work if you have the button checked to "Disable BBCode" in the posting options. The default is for it to be unchecked, but that behavior can overridden by unchecking it when posting or by changing the default in the User Control Panel.

However, the linebreak is for special cases where a single linebreak is needed. The forum formatting rules require paragraphs to be spaced by two linebreaks not one. This is for readability.

When writing a document in a word processor like Microsoft Word or by hand on notepaper, one might use one linebreak and then indent the first line in the following paragraph. This does not work on the internet because the internet uses Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). It is extremely difficult to read text written in a post in which the paragraphs are separated by one linebreak.

While browsing any of your other favorite websites, you should notice that paragraphs are separated by two linebreaks, not a single linebreak.
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