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Post Title Specificity

Posted: March 1st, 2017, 1:24 am
by Ozymandias
I hate to be the complainer, but the website's filter for making post titles (descriptions?) specific by not allowing them to be similar to other posts is very obtrusive at times. For example, I just posted a question in philosopher's lounge about mental games, and I spent a good five minutes trying to find a name I could use, but nothing seemed to be specific/ original enough, and I found that the one word the filter was hung up on was "game". Several other posts had had "game" in their titles and it would not let me post it as a result. I tried many alternatives, exchanging every other word and in varying sentence length, but it wasn't until I traded "game" for "sport" that it would allow me to post it. It doesn't seem to me like the word "game", when combined with other words in the phrase, should be counted as unoriginal simply because several other posts in the past had also included the singular word "game". Perhaps that was an isolated incident, but I've had similar, though more minor, problems with the same mechanic before so I wanted to bring it to attention.