The “Book Club”

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The “Book Club”

Post by Burning ghost » November 2nd, 2018, 9:31 am

Hey all!

Trying to figure out how to revive the “Book Club” section of this forum.

The basic idea is to post some selected podcasts and then write something about as an introduction (LuckyR is interested in this too and maybe Great too.) I understand that most are not likely interested in sitting down and reading a book just for this forum so podcasts seem like a good easy access for all idea.

Just fishing to see if anyone would really be interested in spending an hour listening to a podcast and joining in a discussion? The basic plan is to post one per month and see who is interested. If people express more interest then maybe can turn it up to two podcasts a month. I’ve been listening to a few and found some that relate to many topics here with the added bonus of cutting to the heart of the issue and providing a more detailed line of research for thise wishing to dig further.
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Re: The “Book Club”

Post by Steve3007 » November 3rd, 2018, 7:15 am

I find audio books useful these days too. I'm often in situations (e.g. driving) where it's not convenient to read. I use Amazon Audible. I'm currently listening to the book "Milkman" by Anna Burns. It raises interesting issues about the nature of tribalism, in the context of "the troubles" in Northern Ireland. I recommend it.

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