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Featured Articles Information

Post by Scott » September 20th, 2009, 7:37 pm

I have now made it so a few of our exclusive articles will be featured on the homepage of the forums (in addition to already being featured in other places on the site and in off-site advertisements and promotion).

I welcome any members of the forum who are interested in writing and submitting their own philosophy articles to be published on OnlinePhilosophyClub.com and featured on the homepage of the forums.

Instead of being posted in the forums, these featured exclusive articles will be published on their own page on the website (example).

If you wish to submit an article please send it to me via PM. Here are the requirements:
  • -Must be between 300 and 1,000 words
    -Must not be published anywhere else
    -Must be your original work, i.e. no plagiarism
    -Must be philosophical
    -Must be written with correct spelling and grammar, in paragraphs, in as clear, plain language (no poetry)
    -Must be written in an open-minded, rational, thoughtful tone. Articles that are angry, ranting or excessively emotional will be rejected.
    -No profanity
    -No lies or conspiracy theories. Articles that state factual claims that are not commonly considered true (at least by relevant experts) without backing them up will be rejected. (For instance, an article which contains the sentence, "The average dog weighs 300lbs," without any evidence supporting that ludicrous statement would be rejected.)
Please post any questions here.
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