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Forum for the discussion of technology and future studies?

Here is the place for your suggestions, comments, or questions regarding the Philosophy Forums.
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Forum for the discussion of technology and future studies?

Post by Therealdjcamm » July 18th, 2013, 8:38 pm

Hello, I'm new here so it's rather brash of me to be making suggestions such as this but I have a keen interest in the philosophy of technology and the philosophy of future studies but I am unsure as to which forum to begin discussion.

I am under the presumption that the philosophy of science forum should be dedicated to the discussion of maths, physics, biology, chemistry, geography ect. rather than the every day products of these fields and the potential implications these products will have upon us.

My point is that the subject of technology straddles science, ethics, politics and the arts and I believe it would be beneficial to have a separate forum for discussion on this subject, particularly as our society becomes ever more symbiotic with computers and machines.

This is just a suggestion however and I fully understand if this gets rejected but I figured if I don't ask then it wont happen. Anyway, this is my penny's worth for this evening. Cheers guys!

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