The January Philosophy Book of the Month 2019 is The Runaway Species. Discuss The Runaway Species now.

The February Philosophy Book of the Month is The Fourth Age by Byron Reese (Nominated by RJG.) Discuss The Fourth Age now.

Announcing the March 2019 Philosophy Book of the Month: Final Notice by Van Fleisher

We choose one philosophical book per month to read. Then we discuss it as a group.

January 2019 Philosophy Book of the Month: The Runaway Species: How Human Creativity Remakes the World by David Eagleman and Anthony Brandt

February 2019 Philosophy Book of the Month: The Fourth Age:Smart Robots, Conscious Computers, and the Future of Humanity by Byron Reese (Nominated by RJG)
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Announcing the March 2019 Philosophy Book of the Month: Final Notice by Van Fleisher

Post by Scott » February 5th, 2019, 11:14 am

Usually, we limit nominations for the philosophy book club to non-fiction books. However, I have received no nominations yet for February. So to help ramp up partipating, I am going to pick a fiction book that is light easy read and will be sure to spark some intriguing discussion about techno-medical ethics, treatment of the elderly, gun control. The March book is Final Notice by Van Fleisher.

Please read this book before March and join the exciting discussions and friendly debates in March.


Remember, to nominate books, you must read the books and participate in the discussions. I sent a Private Message (PM) asking for nominations to anyone who read our January book, The Runaway Species, and joined our discussion of the book. If you received one of those PMs but didn't yet make a nomination, feel free to reply to that PM anytime with your nomination.

Likewise, I will send PMs to anyone who reads The Fourth Age (February) and participates in that current discussion or to anyone who reads the upcoming March book, Final Notice, and participates in that discussion in March. In other words, you do not have to read all of these books to be able to make a nomination, if you read and participate in the discussion of any one of these three books, I will send you a request for a nomination.

If there are many nominations, I will hold a vote. Otherwise, the nominated book will automatically become the next Philosophy Book of the Month.
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