Introduction and background story

Please post all introductions in this forum. Tell us how you found the philosophy forums, what interests you about philosophy, and a little about you, such as your age, where you live, what you do for a living, etc.
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Re: Introduction and background story

Post by arjand »

For completeness, a short summary of the air pollution attack that I have had to endure in the past two years, which is still ongoing.

As mentioned, I am author of a critical blog named Image (shrink in Dutch). I am also founder of an eco-project for clean air in cities,

There is considerable evidence that I have become victim of a murder attempt in 2019, which is completely ignored by media and human rights organisations until today, and the origin has remained a mystery.

All the contents of my living space were destroyed with air pollution, I was evicted from my home and I had to deal with health damage, violence, defamation (blackening) and intimidation. Unfortunately, the background of the attack has remained a mystery to this day and no one seems to know why the attack was committed.

The air pollution was caused by Polish workers, young and healthy/sportive looking men in sterile (clean) orange suits with the name "Zielinski" printed on the back. (obviously a provocation considering the blog ', ziel means 'soul' in Dutch). They made a loud whining sound when entering my room, as if they intended to express pity for the damage that was clearly visible.

  • All contents of the living space were destroyed with air pollution (+€30,000 Euro damage).
    health damage.
  • Landlord commits absurdly disrespectful and violent behavior that, among other things, injured both my arms.
  • Defamation, such as the absurd suspicion that I would grow weed.
  • Harassment and threat.
  • The Legal Counter sends a threatening email from someone with mental health problems, which could hardly have been an accident.
  • The Utrecht police do not take the report of violent trespassing seriously and try to intimidate me.
  • I lost my living space because the court sided with the landlord. Even a relocation allowance was rejected and I was ordered to pay the landlord thousands of euros.
A police boss (director of Enforcement Utrecht) intervenes in the conflict with the result that the landlord behaves absurdly disrespectful, unstable and became violent. The landlord threatens, among other things, that I would be evicted from my home with 'civil servant violence', which was absurd given the situation.

In its response, the official Legal Counsil of the Netherlands (Juridisch Loket) sent an e-mail from someone with mental health problems who told a threatening paranoid story. That could hardly have been an accident and it is also unlikely that an employee of the Legal Counsil would do such a thing.

The Utrecht Police did not take the report for violent trespassing seriously and insisted that I reported "poisoning" while I had never mentioned the word poisoning and had indicated at least 10 times that I reported assault. That is also an indication that the landlord has been protected.

The Utrecht District Court sided with the violent landlord, causing me to lose my home. In fact, this has resulted in a violent eviction.

The attack came completely out of nowhere. Communicatively, there was no history showing that the landlord could have personally had anything against me. At one point, the landlord was even grateful for all the good deeds that I had done in his interest.

It was an absurd situation and I have maintained a respectful and wait-and-see attitude, with the aim of discovering the possible background of the attack.

There were immediate indications that the landlord was deliberately trying to harm me, and that he probably caused the air pollution on purpose. He disregarded the report of damage, which in itself is a crime. (The law states that someone who causes damage must compensate that damage).

In fact, the landlord himself confessed it by claiming the following on January 2, 2020 in his response to the liability claim for the damage:
landlord wrote:You want to hold me responsible for “the accident”. I really don't know what you're talking about!
The following shows the severity of the air pollution. I used a professional air cleaner and the room was pretty much dust free. What is visible was caused by 'air pollution' in just 2 days time.


It is impossible that the landlord did not see the damage. I was also using fitness machines in the room, so he must have noticed that the damage had caused a severe problem for me.

While a police boss and the Municipality of Utrecht intervened, the landlord to became violent (my arms were wounded), extremely disrespectful and he denied replacement housing after two months, based on the lie that I had verbally agreed that I would arrange replacement housing myself for 'a few months' (he lied on purpose, to provoke me). All of this appears to have been an attempt to make me angry, with the landlord, while I had maintained a very respectful position towards him, went very far as if desperate to make me angry.

An example:

On February 1, 2020 the landlord communicated that he had "never had any problem with me" and that I was "a good tenant". He also indicated that I could continue to rent the living space.
landlord wrote:I really wish we could go back to the relationship between us from September 2016 to the end of November 2019. You are renting a room ... in Utrecht since September 1, 2016. I've never had any problem with you.
Then, on February 9, 2020 the landlord sends an e-mail with the subject "appearance of a cannabis plantation" in which he falsely suspected me for a second time of criminal practices in the living space, which was nonsensical because the living space was completely out of order with no water and power.


Perhaps he attempted to have the police boss raid the room to force me out. He also sent a second email a day before with the subject "insect in your ceiling" and attempted to force me out for pest control.

I am truly a very neat person. Most often I wore 'Hugo Boss'-like clothing, am decent in communication etc.

Communicatively, there was no history showing that the landlord could have personally had anything against me. At one point, the landlord was even grateful for all the good deeds that I had done in his interest.

At question was simply: what was the origin of landlords absurd behavior and his attempt to harm me? It was clear for me, based on the communication history, that it was not likely something that he did on his own.

Then of course, there were the mentioned incidents at the Legal Counsil and police.

Until today, the motive has remained a mystery and as is evident, the Municipality of Utrecht has chosen to continue to corrupt with a death threat.

I am founder of an eco-project for clean air in cities,

During an eco-event in Utrecht (March 2021), someone threatened that he would shoot people. Subsequently, a paranormal threat arose from many people that they had the intention to shoot me, or at least threaten me with it. I was subjected to the paranormal threat 'intention' from dozens of people for a week until I found the news item.

The simple fact is that a 'threat to shoot young women' at an eco event is pretty nonsensical.

As can be seen in the following image of the incident, a woman poses similar to the icon of the eco-project.


There were more 'paranormal' senses that indicate the intent to shoot me.

Shortly before the eco-event threat I had a vision where I saw someone offer an orange map with a plan to someone who was completely invisible/obscure and the next day a map (possibly not the same map) was shared with people from the Municipality.

Since the end of 2020, there has been a business contact from America that is probably someone from the AIVD (Dutch secret service) who was involved in the air pollution attack, or at least is connected to a (Dutch) group of people (Rabobank or AIVD) that committed the attack. The color of his website was orange (color of the Royal House). He/someone involved with the person in question expressed the intention "I'm going to shoot you" and "I'll shoot" for months, a pathetic 'guy'.

The intention to "shoot" was also expressed by a woman from the Municipality of Utrecht. In 2020 she expressed the serious intention to "shoot" me. That disappeared after a post on a Belgian political forum where some users communicated to support me (critical blog). A week before the threat during the eco-event in Utrecht (during the vision of the orange map), the woman was 'actual' again. It seems to be someone who was involved in the air pollution attack, but also someone who is not particularly intelligent and yet pushes herself onto others (type "dumb cow").

During the conflict with the landlord when I lost my home, I saw (paranormally) that at one point he looked at a "party" with the question "now?" (the party he looked at were the 'bad people') and that there was a negative answer, which the landlord did not understand. The intention that I could deduce from that is that the 'now?' pointed to a planned action by the AIVD (secret service).

I just joined where many secret service veterans may be active. It figured that it may have been of influence.

In January 2020 I found my household effects scattered here and there in an active construction pit. It came across as if the landlord had assumed that I would no longer need the furniture. Various household effects have never been found.


The Municipality of Utrecht, landlord etc has left me behind with the great damage that was caused.

A summary of the story is published on the following URL:

story.png (77.72 KiB) Viewed 63 times ... corruptie/

WordPress ban

I also experienced many attacks on my businesses. The ban of a popular WordPress optimization plugin with 20,000 professional users has remained a 'mystery' until today. The ban followed after I posted a neat written message that I had been treated 'unkind' by WordPress moderation, which was the case as is evident in the following comment by a user:


As it appears, such an action was never done before. It received no media attention and users were not allowed to talk about the ban on Nobody knows the actual motive for the ban until this day (the idea that is displayed in the comment by a user, is actually not possibly the reason).

The preceding 'disrespectful' action came completely out of the blue.

There have been many incidents, smaller and bigger. It has been clear that some of the attacks/dishonest practices originated from the Government.

Rabobank + City of Utrecht

Then there is the Rabobank, a fortune 500 company head-quartered in Utrecht. They invested 45,000 Euro together with a SEO agency and when I fulfilled my part of the agreement (with a 225,000 Euro investment), they 'walked away' without providing an explanation.

After the Rabobank investor and the SEO agency walked away from the pioneering technology project, www.ŵš.com, a new business partner from Hollywood, USA and an investor from London, UK joined the project.

The partner from Hollywood, USA had proven to be a saboteur. It was evident from the beginning that he may have intended to frustrate the project. He invested a certain amount but only released the full amount after 6 months, unnecessarily stalling R&D, the most vital part of the project. (it was not logical to do so if he would have cared about the project).

The business partner from Hollywood took on a role as CEO and agreed to be responsible for the business model. He spent two years to travel around the country (USA) to meet with billionaires while he demanded me and a partner from London to wait, ultimately for two years, and ultimately delivered no results and simply walked away as if he never cared about the project. In one of his last emails he shared a link on with the headline that 9 out of 10 startups fail. The email address of his company website was set to ''.


Another clue: the office Igluu Utrecht where I would rent a temporary office space for 2-3 months, suddenly decided to cancel the contract and refunded the payment 2 days before Christmas. It was a strange action because during the intake it appeared that they were very happy with an extra address customer and regular users continued to use their workplace (only the receptionist left the building for a holiday that she had been offered). The owner knew I was dealing with a plight and essentially suddenly kicked me out on the street.

In the City of Utrecht a teapot is placed on the roof of a building, which is named "Call of the Mall" ('mal' means crazy in Dutch), which has been a major touristic attraction. The teapot it is probably inspired by the main feature of the critical blog, an analogy of an analogy of Russell's teapot by philosopher Bertrand Russell with a reference to the Mad Hatters from Alice in Wonderland.

I remember having a paranormal vision regarding the 🫖 teapot on the roof in Utrecht (a major touristic attraction). I saw the Municipality of Utrecht initiating a discussion about what to do with the teapot, and what became clear, as they fell back on their "original plan", is that their plan was to ultimately harm me, probably for tourist reasons.

Now that they never really got to know me, it seems that they simply wanted to put their original murder plan into action and tried to force it with the air pollution attack.

In other words, the 🐒 monkey came out of the sleeve.

That the Rabobank + City of Utrecht may have planned the attack, is indicative for me by a dream that I had of a neighbor who worked at the Rabobank. In the dream I saw him noticing a group of 40-50 people and overhear something, of which he became interested and intended to spy on. He managed to enter the group and then he suddenly raised his head out of the group as if he had learned something, sneaked away from the group (apparently in a level of danger) and then quickly skated out of there backwards (zig-zagging), looking in my direction, and then (when I was hinting mentally, perhaps automatically, what did you learn?), he looked at a man with a gun, which appeared to have been the landlord. I was asking mentally: what is that man's intention, but then the neighbor was already skated out of there and that man was walking apparently in no direction, making just a few steps.

This dream was in 2019, before the attack. That neighbor left his room before the air pollution attack in November 2019.


I hope that you do not mind me sharing this story. The case appears to be solved in that it appears to have become evident that it has been an attempted murder by Rabobank + AIVD (secret service) + Municipality of Utrecht.

As for the reason why (motive): it is unknown.

I have simply done my best to serve truth. I have had no political, ideological or religious motives.

Psychiatrists and advocates of psychiatry have never been disadvantaged and have always been treated with respect. There was no ideology or bias. There was only a sincere search for an answer to a question.

The origin to attack me is unknown.

During the Holocaust (extermination of the Jews), the Dutch are said to be cowardly spectators, who 'stood by and did nothing'. This is characteristic of the Holocaust and is seen as a catalyst for 'evil', a cause that ultimately allowed the Nazis to exterminate the Jews on a large scale.

(2020) Is America Starting Down the Path of Nazi Germany?
I cannot express how truly sad writing this op-ed has made me. But I'm a patriotic American. And I'm an American Jew. I have studied the beginnings of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. And I can clearly see parallels with what is happening in America today.

OPEN YOUR EYES. Study what happened in Nazi Germany during the infamous Kristallnacht. The night of Nov. 9-10, 1938, marked the beginning of the Nazis' attack on the Jews. Jewish homes and businesses were looted, desecrated and burned while the police and "good people" stood by and watched. Nazis laughed and cheered as books were burned.

Wayne Allyn Root - best-selling author and nationally-syndicated talk show host on USA Radio Network ... y-n2570979

Cowardly and underhanded. Watch as a serious crime is committed.
If life were to be good as it was, there would be no reason to exist.
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Re: Introduction and background story

Post by arjand »

For the purpose of full transparency.

During the time of the mentioned business contact from USA that had expressed the 'intent to shoot me' for months (and regrettably, still today, despite the publications), Google has been showing ads with black and orange about hunger with the clear note 'end it' (also still showing today, for 4+ months, sometimes 3+ ads on 1 page). It appears to be related to that business contact because there are indications that it is related. It is very clear for me that it is AIVD related and despite several parties trying to get to that person, they persist, which is a bad sign. The specific person may be closely related to the Royal House (top figure).

In 2019 I used my mobile (which I almost never use) and suddenly received Google ads from a local news paper (De Stentor) in a region in the Netherlands to which I am personally totally unrelated (and since I almost never use a phone, wasn't logical on a phone), but whose link for me was a 2010-reporting about the fact that psychiatry used 'political extortion' to enfore the right to apply euthanasia to psychiatric patients, which was forbidden until then.

It caused me to look into upon which I discovered a post about eugenics by philosopher Bonnie Burstow, an anti-psychiatry scholar (someone involved in criticism on psychiatry). I figured that Google may have intended to lead me to her post.
Bonnie Burstow wrote:“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” (George Santayana)
Psychiatric Eugenics Then and Now—You Betcha It’s Still Happening ... n-and-now/

It was actually the cause that I decided to register on this forum. My first post was to address the subject 'euthanasia in psychiatry'.

Euthanasia in psychiatry: ethically?
If life were to be good as it was, there would be no reason to exist.
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