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Tidings those who stride the ride.

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Tidings those who stride the ride.

Post by TheThunkerThatThinks » May 3rd, 2017, 8:13 am

I have a preference of simple appearances. The reasoning being outward. A desire to communicate. Alas words are so real, and so not. They be so simple yet so convoluted it. Me myself Feels it is a just endeavour in the perpetual seeking to find a mutal mutal meaning using things without restrictions.

I am a body of living things that collectively agree to accept my given name. Corey Patterson.
I like to think myself my own individual. The stagnant thinking of thoughts. Is What forced\allowed me the become a/the Individual I am. It is due to this that I came to a thing (best put) with the title my understanding of understanding. Also I ought sought not to use"proper grammar" in my introduction if that is alright with you. Fore I'am and I am a babbling idiot without a solid usage of a valid contextually solid way of expression. Anywhat I'll begin.

As of right now I have come to a few notions I deem to be somewhat of an original thought. Depending on definition of original thought.
one being the

1 the thought I call "Contradirection".
Contradirection is a form of thought centered in the understanding everything in darkness is anything. My gives that the potential meaning. We exist in can be and is a contradiction, and the only meaning is the meaning. Which is your own. Fore will is real. Whatever that mean.

2 this came first but is held as a second and a mutual first as well a second (mutal is half for you that likes numbers).Fret not. With understanding of the 1 the 2 is valid in thought.
| 2/1/.5 that is the order of these 2 thoughts I think this is best obtained I think a feel. the 1/2/.513 thought for me personally is as of a wednesday at 5:35 am that. I am me Id est I'am. The simplest of truths for me. The is no other truth, but this truth. This is a seed for all other truths fore i think any truth can come from a piece of this truth or at least to {better} say. If you understand this just take a breath forget every single thing you have ever learned including all past steps then say I am me. (Try to feel what I mean.)

3 last but first in practice You are you. Once We {know} or know I'am. You could come to the conclusion we are we. From this you could be lead or lead to the 1truth. Then you attempt to be you.(to the truest.)

4 the real last.This is the last current ({(pillar)}) of contradirectrion If I say so myself. You are wrong. This the last and the sturdiest support of contradirection. You are wrong always wrong. even if you're right. Fore to some right is wrong In any sense. This meaning we are right in our wrongs ({always as well reflected} A counterpart of something to me is the natural conflict to something.for we could be wrong not to do right if that is what is right based on a understanding of myself.

Not a rule but a message to some. I feel as well think. This school of thought Is the curse and cure.This is a very hard something to do something with in any form. Due to the nature of it. There is never but always a full grasping of this concept. That is why I say this one last to end with this one. Fore It is the foundation as well the decay of this school.
Fore, Contradirectional thinking is the ultimate shield of (bad)ignorance, and it is as well the heart of (good) ignorance I think and feel it is it is a understanding that could/should/would be the ripple that leads to a obtainable non-absolute/absolute.{(needless) strife}.

Those truths as well all truths are at your use in the study on contradirection. Enjoy

Full disclosure I am wrong. This is not it. Fore this that, and all we are is this. So fret not if you miss for that is your bliss.

Post scriptum. My humblest apologies for my lack of ordered bio.
I'll keep it short. IAM, I myself thinks me born in Texas. This be the place of a favorable portion of my upbringing. I have lost and gained, and I will continue. I fret not though. Fore we all will until we know. I know though we will never know until we know. You know?

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