Please post all introductions in this forum. Tell us how you found the philosophy forums, what interests you about philosophy, and a little about you, such as your age, where you live, what you do for a living, etc.
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Post by Pomerine » December 25th, 2017, 9:40 pm

Hello there good people. It's been about fifteen years since I last did this whole internet forum thing. I've decided in this moment to give it a go again and I'm hoping your forum will provide a place for me to voice and relieve my family, friends and colleagues of err... me. I was so sure of my youthful self back then, but now I guess you could say I've been going through a restructuring of my thoughts and I feel a bit lost. So who knows, maybe this will help? Looking forward to getting to know you all.

Kindest Regards

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Re: Hello!

Post by Greta » December 25th, 2017, 9:56 pm

Hi Pom. I relate to letting loose on forums to give those around us relief from relentless analysis :)

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