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Socialist Jubilee

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Socialist Jubilee

Post by AresKenux » October 12th, 2018, 12:50 pm

Jubilee - often capitalized : a year of emancipation and restoration provided by ancient Hebrew law to be kept every 50 years by the emancipation of Hebrew slaves, restoration of alienated lands to their former owners, and omission of all cultivation of the land .

Socialism - a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state.

Corporation - an association of employers and employees in a basic industry or of members of a profession organized as an organ of political representation in a corporative state.

With those definitions in mind, how many possible ways may these three concepts intertwine and link? What are the advantages and disadvantages per link?

Personally, for instance, if there were to be a jubilee for the sake of bringing out socialism into the United States. Then I believe the best possible way, is for the corporations and government to reset the debts, and then for alliances or partnerships to be made between the government and corporations. To figure out a newer economical system that would keep everything intact. While at the same time, make the system of economics more efficient and less wasteful. As well as eliminating the need for oppression as is per socialist society. Say for instance, an ordinary citizen that has accumulated an enormous amount of debt in their life, yet when that jubilee passes, he's robbed of his debts. And thus becomes free again, but instead of free in the old society, becomes free in the new society. And the difference between the old and the new, is that instead of a constitutional republic, it would be a Socialist Democracy. Democracy, with certain socialist components, similar to what we have now, welfare, healthcare, infrastructure, etc, etc. Except only now, it would be enhanced with minimal harm to the common citizen. But similarly, if a rich person has their debts reset in such a system, would the person lose their wealth? I hope not, I hope their successes remain intact.

The only way i think socialism could ever work, is if equality of opportunity was more highlighted than equality of wealth, and therefore economical differences should be preserved and promoted. Yet still possibly, standing upon the foundation of fundamentally basic human rights.

(Mind you, like most theories of socialism, it's wholly impractical only looks good on paper and in theory. And thus the effect is unpredictable and never what is expected. But nonetheless, for the sake of understanding, that was my theory on how it may be intertwined.)

So what would your theories be on how to intertwine and link those three subjects? Please do try to keep it as realistic as possible, we all know socialism is ideal yet impractical, and thus we can all get lost in a flight of fancy considering if it could ever work.

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Re: Socialist Jubilee

Post by ThomasHobbes » October 14th, 2018, 2:57 pm

jubillee is not even handed - it favours the greedy - those that have borrowed the most would gain the most.

What we really need is massive inflation, coupled with an even wages increase. This would force the money that is tied up off-shore evading tax to re-emerge into the economy.

We could print sufficient money to re-build, returning the homeless to houses, whilst protecting salaries. Taxation could be used to encourage business to invest in its work force or infrastructure. Off shore accounts could be mad null and void after a grace period.

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