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Can religion or a state ever be ethical ?

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Can religion or a state ever be ethical ?

Post by detail » June 11th, 2019, 9:09 am

Thomas Paine once said:

My country is the world,
and my religion is to do good.

Is there not undoubtable a direct connection of religios and state moral with supression ?
Can anybody judge against a moderate nihilism , asserting others as well as oneself the
right to live?

We all know that ethics tries to evoke moral values for the society, how can anybody assure
that this doesn't end up in submission to psychological terror?

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Re: Can religion or a state ever be ethical ?

Post by LuckyR » June 14th, 2019, 12:56 am

You've lost me. Since religions and governments are large groups (by definition) how could they not possess ethical standards? That's what they do.
"As usual... it depends."

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Re: Can religion or a state ever be ethical ?

Post by fati » Yesterday, 9:47 am

The code of ethics in the profession has many uses. At the professional level, the code records values by which professionals can be held accountable for the actions of their members. In addition, as society agents control of many professions to professional organizations themselves, professionals have developed standards to provide the basis for self-regulation. At the individual professional level, the Code provides practical control for industry members who may encounter ethical or ethical dilemmas about their professional behavior in specific situations. If the professional finds that he is in a moral or moral state of tension, then the code can help to provide advice, which is self-evident. The process of developing code has an impact on its application. By including professional and professional students in professional code development and code review and revision, it is more likely that more people will be entitled to ownership of the resulting documentation. With extensive ownership, it is believed that more compliance is considered more reliable

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